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String Theory (Shoelaces of Death)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kris, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. As I prepare to embark on a quick jaunt to the city sans boots, I diligently tuck my laces inside my shoes and wonder if the "laces-caught-in-wheels-and tearing off-one's-foot" theory is a myth.

    Without degenerating into a ATGATT tirade, can anyone report on an actual experience where their shoelaces have become hazardous on a ride?

    Off I go, into known dangers, a modern-day kamikaze on the roads of doom... Now which shoe first?... :grin:
  2. A few blokes have had their shoelaces get caught on the pegs when they went to put a foot down at traffic lights....could'nt get their foot down, and fell over. :oops:

  3. That's why when I ride with sneakers, I replace the laces with cable-ties, and then wrap my whole foot in gaff-tape for good measure.

    Then, I silicone on a rubber grip sole, so I don't slip over when I put a foot down at the lights; with some small tek screws into the bottom of that with a slight protrusion for better grip if I need to stop on any grass or dirt somewhere.
  4. Yes, it has happened to a few riders.

    Mine have gotten caught but i've managed to either free them or kick downwards really hard and the lace has come undone.

    Its not advisable to have looped laces on a bike.
  5. Well i always tuck my shoe laces in. Its happened alot on my pushie where my laces get in the cog and fu*kin pull my foot in tight and squash the hell out of my foot.

    But another reason for tucking them in, this happened to my mate the other week.

    We took off from the traffic lights, he was in front, he went to change gear and his shoe lace "loop" went over the gear selector after he down for first, took off and his foot raised a little and put the gear into neutral. I hear his bike rev as pulling and him looking down struggling to shake his foot off to get the loop off, mind you me and traffic are right on his rear as he was struggling at no more than 15km/h from his speed decreasing then he had to select a gear quickly.

    Thats another reason possibly.
  6. Most bikes will have a chain guard that will protect you from the chain - however it could theoretically get caught if you had long enough laces. I would imagine at that speed it would jerk your foot back, which would hit the guard, and then the lace would 'hopefully' snap. Unless you're an idiot and got some brand new, unheard of, steel braided shoe laces. :LOL:

    Shoe laces are a serious concern though with shifting gears and moving your foot on/off the pegs. They can get caught on anything they can loop around - so if you must wear shoes with laces, and the shoe doesn't have a cover strap, tuck them DEEP into your shoes!
  7. I succumbed to the laces around the gear level trick twice, didn't fall but it was quite hairy, luckily a strong enough jerk just makes the loop come undone. I don't have proper boots yet so I deffo tuck them in, or on longer rides I actually tie them around the back of my ankles.
  8. Left shoe first... :p

    I double knot my laces on my boots (don't wear shoes as they would easily come off in an accident) so they are well away from any possible moving parts or pegs.
  9. same,

    also my steel toe work boots are high enough in the ankle that you'd need to be changing with your shin to get the loop stuck on the peg.

    i can see that it would be a larger problem if you're squidding with sneakers though.
  10. LOL

    Done that :-w luckily without the falling over bit...
  11. so will normal boots :wink:
    get some proper motorbike boots.
  12. I can't get these boots off even when the laces are undone!
  13. Done that with joggers on a dirt bike, was trying to put my foot down and didnt realise the lace went around the gear lever, bit the dirt literally. Luckily it was on a farm so there was no traffic and no-one around to see it. :oops:

    I ride with bike boots now, they are heaps quicker to put on than shoes and fit under the gear lever better too.
  14. A couple of years ago I was wearing boots with laces. I would triple tie the laces to shorten them as much as possible. Came up to a set of lights and for reasons completely beyond me, went to put my right foot down first rather than my left foot. The lace on my right shoe were caught on the bike and over I went.

    I fell onto the median strip thankfully. I still shudder at the thought of what coulld have happened if I had fallen into oncoming traffic. I had been waiting to turn right, so there was through traffic heading towards me at 70km/h. Was very lucky that there was a healthy sized median strip.

    Anyway, was able to walk away thankfully and bought a pair of motorcycle boots the next day. Never ridden with laces since.
  15. i'd be more worried about the lower leg of my hornees being caught somewhere on the bike, since they cover most of my boots (including any laces there might be anyway).

    regardless, if someone can point me to a decent pair of size 14 motorcycle boots for a reasonable price i'd probably grab them. i've tried a few pairs of 'special stock' and they are either way too narrow, or too loose around the ankle like they expect people with big feet to have rediculously fat legs.

    funnily enough, some genius sales person in one store suggested i tie some laces around the ankles to tighten them up.....

  16. Been there, done that. Before I had motorcycle boots, I've had my laces caught on the gear lever. Fortunately I noticed this and tugged them out before I stopped the bike.

    But wearing joggers on a bike isn't such a great idea anyway. You've only got a bit of fabric covering your toes
  17. phew!

    Made it back ok, though from the sounds of it I was more likely to die of embarrassment then anything else...

    Thanks for all the delightful stories folks, hopefully it's encouraged some people to get decent riding boots :)
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  19. junglist wrote:
    I thought steel cap boots were dangerous. I understand it's because if you are wearing them and ride over one of those metaldetectionstripthingies in the road that changes traffic lights, the magnetic field can travel up your boots and give you cancer. Also if you're travelling over them and the lights change, the sudden reversal of magentic field can cause you to unexpectedly swing you round to the North.

    I've heard that in the Northern hemisphere it swings you South, but I think this is just an urban myth.
  20. Never heard of the shoelaces thing before, but there used to be a similar problem with flares where the kickstart lever would find its way up inside the flapping flares and when you tried to put your foot down....
    I never had that happen but there was an incident when driving my car and I'd shut my flares in the door so when I came to brake....