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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jirf88, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. God the weather was nice in Sydney today. So nice that myself and a mate took "sick" days and shot up the putty rd :D (hows that for a second ride, aye?)

    ANYWAY, on the way back, I couldn't help but notice how sore my arse and thighs were getting. This is most probably because I've only owned a motorbike since Saturday just passed... I'm sure in time I'll become more accustomed to this...

    MY question is this. Can anyone suggest any stretches/exercises that will help minimise this in the interim?

    My arse will thank you...

  2. Ride more.
    The fun way to get used to it.
  3. True story.

    I would say 500km since Saturday is a stern effort though.
  4. compression tights.
  5. Ride more, make sure you're sitting correctly too, ie: keeping your pegs weighted slightly and gripping the tank with your legs :)
  6. Thats the sick day catching up with you :wink:

    Seriously you may want to invest in a gel seat. They are a great investment.
  7. Only if you believe in karma. Which I don't. :p
  8. I need to work on this as well.

    Generally, if it's my legs and arse that are falling asleep... I stand up slightly on the pegs for a bit to adjust my position.

    I really need to work on posture. I rode home from work the other day and had a sore lower back for three days afterward.
  9. What is your day job? I'll make a prediction that there is nothing at your day job that stops you from improving your posture..
  10. I'm in tech support... leaning over computers all day. lol
  11. take a dip in cold water like the footy players do after a big game.

    either that or HARDEN the f**k up.

    it'll go away after a few days of riding
  12. I usually stand up and have a stretch at the lights.
  13. This is one way to stretch your arse.... but it wouldn't be pleasant lol

    I have seen some posts on here before where guys have recommended strengthening your core muscles through exercises but as other have said repetition will do that for you
  14. Its just a matter of riding more..

    When I got my R1 I was my back and wrists were killing me after the first few days of riding it. A few days after that I was fine and havn't had an issue with it at all... so really its just another good excuse to go for a random ride out.