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Stretched Cam Chain

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Uni, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. Well the dear old XR100 has finally decided to cause me problems. i thrash it a fair bit and ihave managed to stretch the cam chain, but it still needs to be used till i can get it fixed/fix it.

    so i need a few pieces of advice:

    1) what can i do to minimise the damage until it is fixed (there is a serious vibration at around 3/4 throttle)

    2) how much would it cost me to get it fixed. ive always done my own maintainance but since it will be sold in the next year or so it would be advantageous to have it done professionally.

  2. for a road bike 250 cam chains are around $ 300
    at a shop , installed.
    do they have tensioners on them ?
    if so are you sure it might not be the tensioner
  3. $300 installed... !!!! f@rk!!!
    The last cam chain I replaced was on an XL185 and I did it myself for around $40 from memory.....

    16 or so years ago :)
  4. like i said in my original post, the bike is being used regularly, and with exams etc i havent had a chance to pull it down and inspect it fully. i know its the cam chain coz the noise is so distinct, and i would be extremely suprised if a little XR has a tensioner link, its not that advanced. even if it did i have no way of telling when it has been set to the right tension, and thats why i would prefer to either buy the part and install it myself or get it done professionally.

    thanks for the pricing tho that helps, but doesn anyone have any suggestions on how to minimise the wear?

  5. What area are you in?
  6. Email address is kings.edu.au who are in Sydney.

    My money says he's in Sydney :)
  7. Thanks vic that will save people all over Melb recommending the people they have dealt with! His location was a bit obscure!
  8. p.s even his sex was a bit obscure uni! well!
  9. hahaha yeah sorry fellas

    the bike is on a farm 40mins gunnedah (im a boarder @ kings), so i'll probably take it to Gordon Turner Motorcycles in Gunnedah, but they're quite pricey for servicing coz they have a monopoly on Hondas up there, so i was looking at some other alternatives.

  10. No worries glad we've cleared that up!