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Stressed & Confused in NSW

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by high rider, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. today, i went for a drive into town all was sweet until i got pulled up by a copper. i was driving the old ladies car. the cop told me that his initial reason for pulling me up was for bold tyres, i had no idea about the tyres seeing as it wasnt my car, secondly i had a p plate displayed but from inside the car, which apparently is an offence, they must b displayed on the externals of the car, he also said the rego was expired but later said that was incorrect.

    now the thing is, he onli got me for the p plates which carries a 2 point loss n $185 fine, this was my 2nd time done by the same thing which means iv lost the onli four points on my license n the cop said the rta may or may not take my licence off me but my guess is they will.

    now since it onli happened a few hours ago, the charge onli begins once the letter has come, so if i was 2 get my motorbike L's before this happens OR even after i lose my car license will i b able to do so since it is a different licence class or is it, lose one lose all?

    thanx all
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  3. Lose one license = lose all.

    When you pay the fine, you admit fault and the points come off your license automatically.
    If you can delay paying the fine until your license has gone up a level and you've gotten some points back [ie next level of P's, or full license] - then pay the fine afterwards: you may be able to keep your license that way.
  4. Re: Stressed & Confused

    Correct, but it's a pretty stupid rule - just makes it so much easier for the plates to fall off/be stolen (hmm but then that'd mean they make more money booking people for not having them wouldn't it :-k).

    Licence's are linked now (same number) - so when they suspend the car licence they'll also be suspending your bike learners.
  5. sorry

    i am in NSW
  6. As said, if you lose one license they all go. You'll have to cop this one on the chin mate.

    FWIW, consider it a lesson learned. It's your responsibility to ensure the car is road worthy, registered and complies with your license restrictions. Even in a borrowed car, it's up to you to check. :)
  7. you should have appealed the first P plate missing as they can choose not to proceed if it is your first offence.

    If you are on red P's ...dely...delay...delay until you go to greens and you are allowed to accumulate 6 points before loss of liscence.

    good luck
  8. There's no 12-month good behaviour option, like the full licence folk have?
  9. No, and for the OP, losing your class C will disqualify you from being eligible to sit test for the class R-Learners, and if you get the class R-Learners prior to losing your class C, then once the class C is suspended, you must not operate a motor vehicle on a public road or road related area.

    You only have 1 license, however you may have several classes on that license, so once you lose your license (regardless of what class/es you hold) you cannot drive/ride
  10. Is a bold tyre a really agressive one??? Or did you mean bald :wink:
  11. Didn't learn the 1st time hey?
    bold i'm guessing is meant to be bald
    onli = only

    And some wonder why there is now so many restrictions on L & P plate drivers. :roll:
  12. gees u last 2 guys r commedians
    yous get the point
    2 evry1 else that helped thank you
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  14. mate are you not mature enough as to not argue over the internet?
    honestly, i ask a simple question and i get smartass comments back, if you dont wana help sumone out, dnt post at all
  15. What about the situation that my son shortly finds himself in, having a full motorbike license (and therefore 12 points) but a red P for his car. Red P's in NSW mean you lose your license for speeding, but he keeps the ability to ride the bike
  16. if he onli got u fur 2 bold tires ur lucky man

    i think uve lust ur licence
  17. i doubt that as tweet said lose one lose all the bike and car license have the same license number .when suspended you cant ride or drive any classes on that license number
  18. Your son is about to lose his license and the priviledge to drive and ride.
  19. When the photo drivers licences were first introduced, there was a short period of a few months before they tied my 2 licences in together.. alas those days are way gone.
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