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Streetracing invitation

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by aste9974, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Ok so a lot of the time when I ride, cars and motorcycle extend their arm out of their vehicle at me, I've had P platers in cars and on bikes do this to me.

    Is this some hand signal for "ok, at the next lights we drag"?

    The rider stuck his hand out horizontal, the car vertical, I think I've had utes do it to me before as well.

    What is this funny hand signal.

    And how can people have time to nod at each other when passing, 99% when a bike is in the other lane passing me I'm more worried about the cager slamming their brakes on or a pedestrian walking out than to look at the rider and nod...
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  2. ... here be dragons ...:bolt:
  3. Never heard of that. I'm having trouble imagining what you mean though. It sort of sounds like a they're just waving...
  4. I wonder what 'spare capacity' means..... ;)
  5. I'm so confused. Spare capacity...wtf...do you mean I'm not using my brain? The OP is not using all his brain? That a 125 doesn't have much capacity left to drag with? We're not allowed to talk about the hand signals for racing?
  6. We're allowed to talk about whatever we want.

    Speaking for myself, I don't know the OP is on the up-&-up. If he is, then he seems to be demonstrating 57 varieties of odd thinking. That might be the case, but it might also be the case that I'd be feeding a troll. I don't know that, I'm not sure, I'd rather keep my mouth shut and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt. Clear now?

    What you say is up to you.
  7. Oh I've thought of another possibility...you think this is a troll thread so you're just spamming it?
  8. A little clearer. Thanks
  9. Sometimes I stick my arm out horizontal with my middle finger raised vertically....maybe that was what they were doing.

    It's an old signal which in many situations can be loosely translated to 'go forth & multiply'

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  10. warm weather, I stick my hand out of the car sometimes for some nice wind... perhaps
  11. They're just showing respect/appreciation for excellent riding?
  12. maybe they're waving u to overtake them
  13. They might be asking you to pop a wheelie...
  14. This is the funniest thing Ive heard in a while. Definately had a good laugh!

    With the hand signals thing though I really dont know. It never happened to me at all but then again Im from a small hick town haha...
  15. They might be fanning farts in your direction.
  16. revving the engine is the sign for street racing. but dont do it on the kymko.

    ps why does android want to turn kymko into junkie?
  17. probably reaching for the kill switch to try and save you
  18. Must be troll feeding time?
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  20. It's cos you got a sick ride, and they see you as a threat.