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Streetmaster Motorcycle Service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Garido, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. #1 Garido, Apr 2, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2014
    Big THANK-YOU to Streetmaster for fitting a new chain & sprockets to the Gixxer last night on short notice. Job well done!!! She runs so much more smoothly now. :D

    Had the bike serviced 4 weeks ago and mentioned that the chain had unveven slackness and bike was running a bit rigidy, but they just oiled the chain and said it was all right. When we took the chain and sprockets off last night, all of them showed quite a bit of wear and unevenness. And the feeling of how the bike is running at the moment confirms to me, the shop was just too busy (lazy?) to do the job.

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  2. So why the finger then?

    Glad you're happy with the service you got last night :)
  3. It's a thumbs up icon.

    ETA: oo no, you're right it's a middle finger!
  4. (y) That's the thumbs up. They're so small it's hard to see which is which.
  5. Beat me to it! :finger:, Yes @nina@nina It's a thumbs up. :)
    No problems @Garido@Garido
    That chain wasn't just worn, close to breaking.
    Should have been picked up when they serviced it!
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    Another poor example of dealer servicing. Which is why @streetmaster@streetmaster, and only Streetmaster, services my bikes. Top job, every time.

    ETA: I've assumed it was a dealer, but it may not be. Care to name and shame @Garido@Garido?
  7. Btw, the custom made top box rack for the ZZR is awesome. I could probably jump on that thing and it wouldn't budge.
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  8. :finger:
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  9. Actually, @nina@nina is right,,, It IS a finger!!!:finger: lol
    Used to be a thumb like this!! (y)
  10. There's both, but difficult to tell the difference.
    :finger: And (y)
  11. Sorry mate. Was meant to be thumbs up. I'll correct straight away.:oops:
  12. No problem naming them, it was A1 down in Ringwood. Have to say though, they had serviced my bike on previous occasions, but never had an issue.

    That time though, they stuffed up the fork seals (one was apparently leaking, two were definitely leaking after the service :confused:) and didn't bother about checking the chain too thoroughly. Fixed the fork seals at no cost (as they should).
  13. Just figured that when one gets to be as old as I am Nina, one should not pick smilies without wearing glasses, or only the ones that are easily identifiable. Went to the optometrist yesterday morning to get some new glasses prescribed. Should have waited writing the post until they were ready.:wideyed: