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Streetmaster does it again, thanks buddy :)

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by goddie, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Well the lovely Hornet needed a new chain, the ever reliable streetmaster 'after hours' was kind enough to replace the chain for me, this was after he bought it for me [yes I AM a lazy bugger]
    Ride in, stand aside and watched a pro go about his work. Off with the old on wth the new and on the way in no time.
    thanks again :) bikes happy, next visit will be major surgery 'clearances' etc but might have to save up and pick a day when I dont need the bike.

    thanks again Streetee :)
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  2. Yep, streety fitted my heated grips last weekend, just in time for the Queens Birthday Weekend ride to Eden. He's a champ!
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  3. Suprised he had time with all the cr@p he has to put on mine... :)

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  4. Woah.. I hope streetmaster doesn't have to pay for his beer.. hint hint.. :D
  5. I'm Streetmasters representative for this long weekend 8-[
  6. wish I was coming along actually, come to think of it, I'd love to do it on a goldwing to keep warm, me thinks is might get a tad cold..
  7. That Streetmaster guy.... he's a good egg (y)
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  8. Is streetmaster in victoria?? and does he charge to do this sort of stuff, or is he happy to get a beer for his efforts.

    Sounds like a good bloke.
  9. Well lets see, what do you do for a job, would you do it for beer?
    And he is in Frankston, so he is close to you.
  10. I am a chef, but i'm not working at the minute, moving into patisserie, so its taking a bit of time to find a job and organise stuff etc..

    And idno sometimes i cook desserts for my mums friends for free..

    I don't need anything done on my bike.. just wondering, i have my father to do my bikes mechanical crap that i can't do. So he must be a mechanic then.. wonder if hes cheaper than the ones i've been to.
  11. easy enough to find out
  12. I've heard Streety will change his mum's friends front and rear sprockets for free too! But for others, his rates are very reasonable :grin:
  13. I keep going back so rates must be good !!
  14. Frankston, geez. If he was closer to me I'd be much more interested in scumming free expert labour off him!
  15. Streetmaster is a bit busy at the moment so he asked you to send the beer to me and I will make sure he gets it.

    If you are near St Kilda he usually turns up to the Saturday Learner Practice Sessions.
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  16. Actually gone off the booze lately. Was given a slab of Crownies (after charging $) just to say thanks.
    Still sitting unopened!! :confused:
  17. Beer is not booze! :D Beer is just a soft drink with a little alcoholic content.
  18. Let me help you drink those Crownies :cheeky:
  19. BBQ @ Your place :p
  20. I have cut back my alcohol consunmption this week (too merely high) and the weather turned crap and workload at work went through the roof.

    See, children. Bad things happen when you cut-back.
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