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STREETHAWK - Does anyone remember this show? (video)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by AFX, Dec 15, 2006.

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  2. Yup I cant belive I was an big watcher of this show, back when I was younger.
    Nothing beats a Trailbike with fairings and the engine sound dubed over the sound like a Z1 at full throttle :LOL:

    Ps: Im talking an original Z1 not an 06 mod Z1 :p
  3. If you remember this show huney, then your getting tooooooooo old!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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  5. Yep! Fantastic show with music by Tangerine Dream (during their "we'll do anything for a buck" days :)). A friend of mine reckons he saw a DVD release somewhere in Asia - not sure if it was an official release or not...

    Edit: it looks like Amazon has the pilot on VHS but no DVD :(
  6. I don't recall that one. It looks almost as bad as Airwolf. Now that's a show I loved! :grin:

    Edit: :LOL: @ hyperthrust. Let's see all the people here bag him for not getting his knee down. :roll:

    ...and how come HE didn't get some woman pull out of her driveway without looking??? hmmmmm. :?
  7. I was thinking the same thing about the airwolf connection!
    As for people pulling out…he seems to have a button the makes it jump high enough to clear cars he would just do that …then hit the afterburner to get revenge on the car….
  8. yeah i remember it last time it was posted :LOL:


    Cheers :cool:
  9. I remember this. It reached stupid speeds and it never let a little thing like the laws of physics get in the way. I remembered it cornered like it was on rails as opposed to two wheels. The 80's were a lot more forgiving with the advent of 'pewters'. All this was when you had all the auto shows on, airwolf, blue thunder, knight rider and Automan. I loved street hawk, but its hard to compete with a camp talking car.

    On an aside, anyone remember an awful bike movie from 1987 called Cyclone about a super sports bike with guns, lasers, etc which had some 80's chick on it? It was awful in its day.

  10. Some 80's chick, eh? That was Heather Thomas and she was to be my wife...Heather where did we go so wrong?

    The mighty Cyclone:

  11. Oh oui, le cyclone, le 80 chaude poussin sur une pièce d'argent de merde