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Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by standrewscross, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. After looking at a few streetfighter. I picked up my 2012 Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC. I rode a speed triple, street triple r, ducati streetfighter and the Aprilia and I loving the new purchase. Have to say the street triple r came second in that group - also a cracking bike.

    You wouldn't exactly call the aprilia beautiful but it's unique, has all the latest technology, sounds like thunder and pulls harder than anything I ever ridden. So far only mods are few sticker removed, but have a few other plans.

    If you are thinking of getting one pull the trigger, I wasn't sure about the hard seat, slow speed/traffic as it's my only bike but I don't notice the seat anymore and a bit of clutch feathering sorts and the city traffic is fine.

    Likes: power, sound, sharpness, ease of use, amount of kit you get, loads of character, looks that grow on you.
    Dislikes: gets hot in traffic, cheap stickers (why?), turning circle

    Expensive bike but amazingly seems like good value after a week and 400kms. Couple of shots on a quick Australia Day ride to Williams town with my mate's new Street Triple R.

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  2. Nice Bike !


    Did yours Come with the "euro" black screen ?

    I can see youpulled the Front fender sticker off... I dont actually mind that one... I dont like the tank #1 sticker..
  3. Well done bro!
    Looks haute!
  4. well done, looks great...these bikes rock- hard not to like...interesting how you rate the str so high- in that company i find it interesting that a small bike without all the trick bits could compare...

    it would be interesting to know at which point the str gets blown away by the bigger bikes...
  5. Love the new tuono!

    Enjoy every second of that v4 goodness champ!
  6. Looking good - both bikes!
  7. Certainly gets good reviews from the industry.!

  8. Nice choice.

    I want one but I do enjoy riding my street fighting Buell.

    Just gotta love the naked bikes.
  9. As an aside - but still related.

    I LOVE my nakeds.........even some with a bikini fairing like the SV650S are quite nice......

    Don't get me wrong the Tuono V4 is a fucking stunner - but Naked?

    Yes you can see the Spar frame and some internal goodies but I dunno if I'd give it a naked badge........definitely a fighter, but not a naked fighter IMO.

    Still a fucking peach though :demon:
  10. I think this bike is amazing. Love the looks & the sound. I heard that it sucks the gas pretty hard though...is this the case? What kind of range can you get from a tank? Congrats on a stunning purchase.
  11. Hey, My Z1000 is still considered a Naked even with the side cowls & belly pan!
    No upper faring = Naked
  12. This is the third I know of bought in the last few months....
    Think I better not ever ride one, may force me into more debt.... :p
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  13. Best ya don't! :rofl:

    But they're just sex on wheels though!

  14. You tell him streety!
  15. Awesome choice mate!!! I absolutely love the new Tuono! :D

    Enjoy it
  16. If you ride it, you won't be able to stop thinking about it.

    All that Tech on board..... takes riding to a whole new level.
  17. Really though?

    I guess I stand corrected.

    +1 I agree the Zed is a Naked............the Tuono just seems too covered?
  18. It does suck the juice so not economical but once you hear that engine under load you'd pour gold in there just to hear it.

    Stu - I bought the euro screen from the dealer ($60) as I think it looks better. My front fender sticker didn't look straight so took it off. Couldn't stand the the tank #1 sticker. Also the italian 'V' went as well. YOu are also right about the seat, don't even notice it after a week.

    Do not ride one. I only did it as a comparison and thought what is all the fuss about. I thought about it for 2 days straight after riding it and plotted ways to get the extra cash together. The missus says I should buy it a ring and get it over with. Sad thing is she might be right.
  19. I was surprised by the result (my opinion only) the street is so urgent and sharp compared to the speed. I loved the speed but enjoyed riding the street more because you felt like you were hooning all the time. The speed has tons of torque but felt a little lazy comparing rest rides back to back.

    The streetfighter and the tuono were aiming to do the same thing. The tuono just does it in a more effective way, it makes the streetfighter look clumsy, impractical and overpriced. The difference in kit and technology is huge. Some would say it sounds better too, although I would say the streetfighter a prettier piece of machinery.

    So between the Tuono and Street you'd say it's not a fair fight and it isn't. The Tuono was like a street on steriods that can shoot lightening out of its exhaust and sounds like angry bag of thunderstorms. I think it depends on the budget. I would have the street in a heartbeat if the tuono wasn't around.