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Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by gvma, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, got a question for you all, don't know if this is the right place to post it though.

    Damage to my bikes plastics has made me consider making my bike a street fighter. Can anyone tell me the legalities in doing this, as far as the bike being roadworthy without the fairings, etc on it? If anyone has done this, can you please post it up, I would be most grateful.


  2. yes pssible yes legal
    look at sig and ill post up my latest half finshed one tomorow
  3. So if I just took off the plastics, put some AM headlights and blinkers on, that will be fine? What do you guys do to protect the radiator?
  4. So if I just took off the plastics, put some AM headlights and blinkers on, that will be fine? What do you guys do to protect the radiator?
  5. why would u need to protect the radiator.
    take dirt country roads much?
    a external grill would do the job if ur fussy

    get a good set of headlight some are just plain shit and need to be modified to withstand serouse riding.
  6. Might be a good idea of you told us what sort of bike it is :roll:. Some bikes are easy to mod, others are a nightmare.
  7. As long as you've got ADR compliant lights and no grossly offensive pointy bits, there should be no problem.
  8. Thanks guys. And to Hornet, as far as the model goes, it is a CBR900RR, but why does that matter, I'm not asking how to mod it, I am asking the legalities of modding it.
  9. Mate, street fighters are awesome for damaged bikes. Give you the chance to make it different from the rest.

    PM sent for a link to a forum that may be able to answer questions better.
  10. There shouldn't be any problems at all.

    The regulations state that just about any part of a motorcycle can be replaced with a factory equivilant, which means the awesome headlight mounting bellypan or whatever is all good.

    But there are a few golden rules to remember regarding your fenders etc. That being said, I've been without a rear fender on my SR for a year, and the front fender has gone and I ride 50k's a day to work and back... and no problems*.

    *Knock on wood.
  11. That was in my PM, for some reason they dont like linking other forums! :wink:
  12. good luck with the project. you should knock it over with no probs
  13. CBR900s make some wicked fighters:





    etc, etc, etc :grin:
  14. mmmmmmmmm, yummy banditrod, (made my bike look very similar, accidently of cource)



  15. DUDE!

    That's the Bladerod.

    BanditRod's bike is the Predator:

  16. Ever had to replace a radiator on a bike ?

    well for example a 06" zx10r radiator is $900

    A mate got 3 holes put in his from following another bike from rocks being flicked up.

    I would be putting a rad-guard on, as one of the first things.
  17. they are by far the most ugliest looking motorbikes i have ever seen
  18. Come back and tell us what you think when your balls drop.
  19. Each to his own.

    But like Cafe Racers, Bobbers and Choppers these things can be grossly overdone. I love the bladerod, that last one... it's a bit 'busy' for my young eyes. :grin: