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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Demaros, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. I'm sitting on my comp and i feel the urge to look up streetfighter bikes, this is wat i found.


    And no doubt my fav outta the ones i saw.....


    thank you for your time and enjoy

    Lil panda eyes and baby duck hair dancing to bongo song lol \:D/
  2. Nice.

    Could someone please explain the whole streetfighter philosophy to me? I just don't quite get it.... Is it purely aesthetic -bling factor- or is about performance as well? Is it the bike equivalent of lowered rice cars with body kits and UV lights?

  3. :LOL: You really don't get it do you :LOL: :shock:

    It's more of a unique, DIY, bad-boy thing. Handling and speed aren't important, but the bike must look big, angry and scary to ride. Something to scare granny with :x
  4. riiiiiiight. I still don't quite get it. Could you perhaps draw an analogy for me? So it's not rice cars. Is it a penis over-compensation thing? :wink:
  5. Sounds like a classic definition of rice to me. :p
  6. You're back at school and start dating the bad guy punk.

    Not because you like him, so much as because it's the cool thing to do ... and your parents won't like it.

    Yes it's a *thingy* over-compensation thing... which doesn't really affect you, being as you don't have one ... oh, why do I bother? :-(
  7. Bet flipping Coconuts will come in with a smart-arse comment about now...
  8. I was under the impression it started out (well in Europe at least) as taking the best bits from a number of bikes and sticking them together to improve handling (normally to the flickable end of the scale) and acceleration (more so then top end). Because people were taking bits from everywhere the bikes tended to end up a little strange looking.

    These days though it seems to have just become a competition as to how strange you can make the bike look rather then anything else.
  9. just like sportsbikes, streetfighters comein a wide variety too.

    theres the blingfighters, as above. ppls with more dollars than sense IMO. just like ricers and boy racers, seeing how shiny you can make a bike.

    then theres the crunchifighters, right at the other end of the scale. a sportsbike thats been made naked in most cases by necessity (ie. stacked and had no money for new farings). often painted matt black with a $5 can of paint and big pizza sprockets stuck on for wheelies.

    everything in between is what i'd class as a 'normal' streetfighter. either a sportsbike thats been made naked by choice and tastefully so (like my bikes :D ) or a sportsbike thats come out of the factory naked (like a Z1000 or SV etc.)

    basically, the idea is that you've got the sportsbike power and handling that we all love, without the ugly farings and back breaking riding position 8)
  10. Sounds like they created a Monster. :)
  11. german......



    :LOL: :wink:

    flipping coconuts *shakes fist* :p
  12. :LOL:
  13. Hehehehehehe, German oggy knobs, I just love that!

    Streetfighters are an attempt to recapture the "bad boy" James Dean, Marlon Brando "Wild One" Fonzie sort of image. But the difference is that, along with the rebellion, comes bikes that actually perform, handle and do stunts on the road.

    Interesting concept actually.

    One day when I've got a lot of money and my VFR has been retired, I'm going to make a streetfighter out of it, just for fun.
  14. I knew that buying the BM was a bad idea...

    I have never got over the fact that you've got a butchered ZXR750. Please tell me that you didn't do it.
  15. FINALLY, he admits it!!!!

    :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: 8)
  16. no, i didn't do it, but i would have if i had bought it stock :wink: i'm like some kind of a mad mechanic mwahahahahhahahahahahahhahaa :twisted:

    i just like my bikes naked. i appreciate faring, but not on my own bikes, i like the wind and i like a comfier position but i'm not gunna go and buy a hardly, cos i like handling and power :LOL:
  17. The head bartender at one of my locals (love living in bayside Melbourne) has a streetfighter based on the VFR 750 frame and engine. I will get some photos put up at some stage.
  18. How could you? You disgust me. :x

    Calling yourself a mechanic is akin to calling a butcher a doctor.
  19. i did say MAD :roll: :LOL: put mad in front of doctor and its all of a sudden a lot closer to butcher :p
  20. Isn't coconut a diuretic?

    (Not quite sure where I am going with this, but it may become useful later...)