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Discussion in 'Naked' started by Twisties92, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. Hi All!

    Currently I'm looking around for a project to get up to and recently I have fallen in love with the looks of the streetfighter.

    What type of bikes would you recommend to buy to turn into street fighters?? I am aware ducati have their own street fighter series however putting the pieces together would give me so much valuable knowledge on the inner workings of a motorcycle.

    One question I always had with streetfighers is ..are they comfortable to ride on? Reckon someone could commute on them 5 days a week?
  2. Well, the classic, genuine streetfighter is based on a fully faired sports bike that has been down the road. For whatever reason, there isn't money to repair the fairings, but the mechanics are OK, so...... Streetfighter!

    ....and, apart from the learning experience, it seems rather effete to have a store-bought streetie........kind of like buying pre-faded, and pre-torn jeans.

    You keep fiddling with seat and bars and pegs until yours is comfy for you to ride.
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  3. Cheers for the valuable info mate! haha last thing I want to is buy "pre torn jeans". hahah
  4. Here's my k3 gsxr1000. Friggin love it. It's been for a slide b4 I got it. Has a 08 rear sub frame on it. Lower gearing so hang on.

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  5. Mate she looks beatiful! It sounds like when going for a street fighter its not a bad idea to look at second hand/damaged sport bikes to rip apart :)
  6. The larger engined GSX-Rs were the weapon of choice amongst streetfighters in the 1990's London scene. Still looks like a good option now.

    Pick up a shitter with a strong engine and decent chassis, then strip and go.
  7. Aye, I forgot to mention lowering the gearing.

    Without fairings the aerodynamics preclude extremely high top speed.....but <shrug> where are you going to use that anyway.

    Lower gearing lets you wave the front wheel in the air, more or less any time you want.
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  8. Any tips or guides for lowering the gearing?
  9. Bigger, as in more teeth, rear sprocket......
    Smaller, less teeth, front sprocket.....

    Calculating, in advance, what you might want to achieve, is a good thing.
    There are on-line gearing calculators, but I dunno the address of one.
    I use a old style spreadsheet.
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