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Streetfighters - Where are Ken and Ryu??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pete the freak, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. Hey y'all, forgive my naivety, but I'm a bit confused by some of the terminology you guys are using...

    I've figured out that a 'streetfighter' is basically a nudist sports bike with an attitude problem :x (is a naked bike a streetfigher, or did it have to start out as a supersport?), but what on earth is a 'cafe racer' or a 'monkey bike' - is that one of those little doobie-whackers that pulls around a golf cart??

    What about a glossary for the uninitiated with commonly used terms, things like highsiding, cages, lane splitting, etc etc...

    Please forgive my stupidity, I ride a Honda. :D
  2. HA! from the horses mouth :D

    Monkey bikes ... go here http://www.monkeybike.co.uk/
    The grand-daddy of todays pocket bikes, I used to ride one to work once... (sigh, those were the days)

    Cafe Racer.. a style of bike and rider.. sort of.
    It's really more than the bike, more a thing to do on weekends or evenings, race each other between cafe's on bikes that are modified street bikes, sometimes very hard to work out the "parentage" of the machine

    later on manufacturers sold bikes as "cafe racers" to cash in on the image.

    I guess it's kinda like a squid on a streetfighter checking himself out in the windows as he races from one latte joint to another.

    My interpretation anyway, I think your streetfighter analogy is pretty close, if you bust yer bike up, rip the broken bits off and call it a streetfighter!

  3. streetfighter - generally a sportsbike thats had the farings ripped off and a set of MX bars slapped on. lights are optional :LOL: mine hasn't got MX bars but i still consider it a fighter. i wouldn't call anything stock a streetfighter, more just streetfighter styled. i think a bike has to be modded before its a fighter...

    Cafe Racer - my dad just refers to all sports bikes as 'cafe racers' but thats not right. my understanding of a cafe racer is that again, its a modified bike. a naked bike that normally has a fairly upright position has low fitting clipons put on instead of the standard bars. some have small amounts of faring slapped on, some dont. dont take this for gospel tho, this is just what i've gathered.

    monkey bike - apparently is a very real kind of small road bike in the UK but here they just use the name to refer to pocketbikes of all kinds.

    you'll be forgiven for riding a honda eventually, apparently god does forgive most things :LOL: just keep on the forums a bit, you'll pick it all up. if someone makes a glossary, you'll end up with all kinds of stupid shit in there :shock:
  4. As opposed to it being currently spread accros all the topics :wink:

    JJ (dung flinger extraordinaire!)
  5. Sho-ryu-ken!!!!!

  6. touche :LOL:

    not saying its a bad idea, i've just seen a few jargon threads before. most of them seem to lose the point pretty quickly :shock:

  7. Thats the one.

    Fantastic game, can you get it for the X-Box or PS2?

  8. there is a streetfighter for xbox but its shyte, get the box modded and get the snes emulater. nothing like the real thing eh :D SF2 TURBO is da bom :twisted:
  9. You can get M.A.M.E for (modded?) xboxes. If you don't know what M.A.M.E is, check out http://www.mame.net/ It's basically 100% perfect emulations of arcade games.

    Heres a dual arcade joystick I bought just for MAME on xbox http://www.connect4.com.au/waz/gaming/images/img_2064.jpg