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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by stewy, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. http://www.confederate.com/

    Just found this link on another fourm. They build streetfighter, but i would of thought that would of taken alot of the fun out of the idea/concept of the fighter :?

    Btw not sure if it's already been posted
  2. Jeez, what next? Pre-packaged "custom" bikes for wealthy Yanks with heaps of money and no mechanical ability! I was in K-Mart the other day and saw a ready-made BILLY-CART, for God's sake. WHAT NEXT???
  3. it really does make you wonder what the human being is involving into doesn't it
  4. Fat, lazy scumbags!
  5. I mean, I could keep you here for HOURS telling you about the billy-carts that RC and I built when we were kids, why there was one .....zzzzzzzz
    (Starting to sound like Grandpa Simpson........)
  6. I don't get it?

    Sounds good to me!

    Why are you a fat lazy bastard if you work hard, make scads of money, and then commission people far more able than yourself to build you the bike of your dreams.

    Or is what we are dealing with here, a case of "tall poppy syndrome"?
  7. No, Simon, just economic jealousy, and memories of doing it yourself.......
  8. Refer to my thread yeaterday with the VFR800 Streetfighter. That is a NICE piee of machinery.
  9. I like the hellcat. Thats one tough cruser! mmmm.... s*&t loads of Carbon fiber and worth more that a Benelli..... Mike Tyson has one.
  10. That's more reason not to own one than the fact the Tom Cruise owns one!
  11. my impression of a streetfighter was a bike that you could tell someone has put alot of time and effort into. Not something you go to a showroom floor and order. :evil: Same applies with these guys that have never even picked up a spanner to work on there car, or touched a spray gun, but instead sending it off to someone else :roll: .... bring back the old school days.
  12. No, a real streetfighter is a sportsbike that's been lobbed into a ditch and "repaired" with a set of mx bars and spotties up front because the skint owner couldn't afford fairing repairs.

    Confederate fit Harley-clone engines to custom frames; the end product is about as much of a streetfighter as the Kawasaki Z1000.
  13. Totally spot on. It would seem that the term has been hijacked to describe any hideously expensive naked bike

  14. Unless the hideously expensive naked bike is merely described as being in the streetfighter "style" as some recent examples have been.
    But a "new" streetfighter is sort of an oxymoron, really.
  15. To be fair, though, that's mostly a byproduct of only the boutique manufacturers offering ready-made streetfighters... the opposition to which, btw, I don't get; if manufacturers want to richen the variety of models available, good on them.

    True streetfighters you can buy are:
    -Triumph Speed Triple.
    -MV Agusta Brutale.
    -Aprilia Tuono (even if it does cheat by having that bikini fairing)

    The Ducati Monster sits in a bit of a grey area because it has the rolling chassis of a one-time leading-edge sportsbike (the 851), but housing an old-tech engine.

    The KTM Superduke's a weird one because the high-performance model it inherits its engine and chassis from is famous not for dominating the Le Mans 24-Hour, but the Dakar Rally. To confuse matters further, the upcoming KTM RC8 sportsbike (which, incidentally, makes me go a big rubbery one) will also use most of the same componentry...

    The SV1000 is not a streetfighter because its chassis is not descended from a sportsbike.

    The Z1000, FZ1 and CB900 are not streefighters because they have budget steel spine frames, not sportsbike-donated alloy-beam or tube trellis ones.

    The FZ6 is not a streefighter because it's only a 600; streetfighters are big-bores or, at best, 750's.
  16. Boys, boys, boys...

    Your inverted snobbery is as hollow as the protests of garage musicians who clain big name-recording artists are "sell-outs" who haven't "paid their dues" by spending years suffering for their art performing for little or no financial reward in the pub circuit.

    "Streetfighters" are little for than a discursive construction of enterprising and market-savvy magazine publishers. Blokes have been modifying, or neglecting to repair/jerry-rigging their rides since the dawn of motorcycling. Whereas the term - and rules underlying -"streetfighter" was, in all likelyhood, just dreamed up by an alarmed sub-editor frantically looking for a new angle for his distributionally-challenged custom bike mag.

    If you've got the cash, and you want a distinctive, agile well put together bike that goes hard, and stops on the proverbial sixpence, why, by all the Road Gods, wouldn't you just go out and buy one? Especially in America were ther's apparently a boutique manufacturer to cater for every conceivable taste in eclectic and esotericmotorcycles

    Oh, sorry, I forgot: Only working class heroes who spend hours/days/...years lovingly hand-crafting one-off components to rebuild wrecked sportsbikes can claim to ride "streetfighters"
  17. If you're going to jump on the high horse, it helps to take a few seconds to make sure you've wheeled it around to face the people whose expressed viewpoints are actually counterpointed by your sanctimonious crap... although, as far as sanctimonious crap goes, you've managed to lay down a fine, rich brown length of it; practically every single point you actually raise is wrong.

    There's a boutique manufacturer in America to cater for every conceivable tastse in eclectic and esoteric motorcycles, eh?

    Find me ONE who can make me something with an alloy beam frame and a four cylinder engine.

    Be nice to hear just how old you think the term "streetfighter" is, too.

    See? THAT is how you condescend...
  18. I think my steed is facing the right direction.

    However, I'm happy to clarify things for you as you seem to be a little upset:

    My original and follow-up posts were written to contend the sneering tone adopted by those contributors to this thread. Posters were clearly criticising this builder on the basis that they had inappropriately invoked the term "streetfighter" and that co-ownership by a celebrity is also grounds for contempt. Let us hope the list of everyone who owns a Honda is never published!

    I found the Confederate site interesting, and the bikes they offer intriging. I wrote to challenge the weak dismissal of the bikes and their owners for no better reason than a believed co-option of the term "streetfighter"

    Why thank-you very much, and here am I thinking that no-one noticed.

    I'm always happy to be corrected. Please, with any of my posts, if I am in obvious error, don't hesitate to set me straight.

    You're just being pedantic here. Excuse me, please, for using a term such as "manufacturer" so loosely. Obviously these raw materials would be sourced from Japan. What I meant was if you're after a custom motorcycle that has a recognisable form (such as "streetfighter" or "chopper"), there is (in all probability) someone, somewhere in the states who'd cobble one together for you and use it as the basis for a reality tv show.

    Happy to oblige: I don't know how old the term streetfighter is, but my experience of reading many motorcycle magazines over the last 20 years, I only remember the term in recent publications: therefore I think the term is relatively new.

    If, however, you have an Oxford dictionaryesque citation of the first occurances of the term "streetfighter" in relation to motorcycles, I for one, (being a keen scholar of the way discourse shapes the world) would be delighted to read it.

    Nice to have the old IK back :wink: