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Streetfighter advice please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by albi, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm a long time reader, however have only just registered.

    I've scoured the archieves but haven't found answers to my specific questions.

    Basically I'm after a streetfighter. I want something with heaps of torque, a comfortable reasonably upright riding position, and be able to put both feet on the ground (I'm 5'6" or 170cm). My budget is 11K, and I'm happy to buy second hand.

    My problem is that I live in an isolated area, and don't have access to bikes to test ride. I want to head to Brisbane in the near future, and have a shortlist of bike to check out.

    I would appreciate any advice people can offer.

    PS - I currently ride a 1981 XV750 that I"ve fully restored.
  2. Err, do you actually know what a streetfighter is? Buy a Speed Triple.
  3. Buy a wrecked 2000-2003 600-1000cc sportsbike for 3-4k, with cosmetic damage only and good frame. Spend a few k streetfightering it up and repairing damage.

    Or if you don't actually want to put any effort in yourself, buy a premade 'streetfighter', which aren't streetfighters in a true sense IMO since they aren't original, but yeah, z750, z1000, speed tripple, MV brutale or whatever you call it, etc.
  4. do you want a "streetfighter" (read crashed sportbike) or a streedfighter styled roadbie ie trip,buel,Z?

    if its the first head to streetfighters.com.au

    if its the second. head to your local triumph dealership i dont think u can go past the speed tripple
  5. Its not the be all and end all..


    I'll have this one day!
  6. +1 to others 11k will certainly build you a nice streetfighter.....and that the only way except to buy someone else preloved fighter.....or you could go the way of the production naked :wink:
  7. umm...got any pics cos there website doesn't so off much of there work :?
  8. I thought I did, but clearly my noobyness had me describing the wrong thing :(

    What I was really describing was a style, exactly like the speed triple you point out - a naked sportsbike.

    Sorry :newb:

    Any other advice other than the speed triple? the buell looks nice.
  9. buel's are one of the sexiest bikes on the plannet...but have a poor record with reliability.

    personally only other id look at other than the trip are the fz1N (also sexzy as fcuk) and a few others that are well outside your price range

    google the mcn or moto usa streetfighter comparo's
  10. Ya have to give more info, a Hornet900 is an option but so is a Triumph Triple.
  11. $11k might get you an FZ1, but it's a big might. The Buells are good as well, but not sure what they go for. Maybe look at an SV1000, $9000 would get you one. Don't bother with a Z1000, you'd better off fightering a ZX-9R. Those would be the only ones in that price range I'd go for, all the others are lacking in the engine and suspension.
  12. or buy a cbr/r1/zxr and rip the fairing off and really have yourself a streetfighter :grin:
  13. I was going to ask what it is, but the URL gives it away, it was obviously Italian and i4. Looks like the new Monster took some styling clues from there. hrrmmm... I like both :) (and now have the appropriate license, pity about the lack of $)
  14. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/KTM-Superduk...ryZ32625QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    You can thank me later :grin:
  15. Honda Hornet 600

    it's hawt


  16. Thanks to everyone for some great advice, but I think I've found what I'm after.

    I think I'm actually in love! :)

    Just looking at this gorgeous girl makes me a little excited in the pant region. :oops:


    The Buell XB9SX
  17. All ya have to do now is decide between a xb9s or xb12s

    Theres some nice xb9s lightning's on bikesales.com.au atm.

    heres a pic of mine xb9s