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Streetfighter 929 Blade project?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by deafwish, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. G'day again people!

    I went and took my little Hornet 600 to Krooz Tune, here in Melbourne to have new fork springs and oil (wow, what a difference! :eek: ) and went next door to Dynoverks, to have a chinwag with the boys there. They have recently built a Kawasaki 636 streetfighter which got my attention!
    All in-house, they have performed (and made) a custom top yoke, custom guage mounts, Renthal Fatbars, barend mirrors, some crazy alien looking '666' brand fibreglass twin headlight setup, full Muzzy system, orange pearl paint and braided lines. This bike looked insane! :twisted:
    After a little persuasion, they let me take it for a fang! <WOOT!>
    <my story has a point, bear with me!>

    I loved how it was basically a proper sportsbike, but with the street cred of a fighter.
    I have spoken with James at Dynoverks, who helped built this:
    He has told me that he will assist me in buying a 'repairable write off' 929. He advises me that he has many contacts and reckons around $4-5k for one with mainly cosmetic damage. He will strip all the plastic fantastic stuff off it, new top yoke, Renthals, same headlight as the pic above (looks horn IMO) bar end mirrors, relocate coolant reservoir tank etc...etc...etc. He said I will have a roadworthy, registered and shit hot looking fighter, with change for $8k!
    I really want fuel injection and have owned numerous reliable Hondas. I really like the concept of the 929 Blade as it has all the race bike type components....
    The oldschool oil cooled gixxers are nice, but it really isn't me. I relate them to the old V8's of cars and I'm into my turbo 4 cylinder cars, so the injected bikes are my style.
    Are the 2000+ (injected) GSXR 750's any good to fighter?
    The Hornet 600 is a great bike, but really doesn't have the 'brown undies' rush, high in the rev range....
    Any comments or reccomendations will be appreciated.
    Cheers all.


  2. You could buy a nice clean 929 for 8k, with a clean title that hasnt been smashed.
  3. What's the point if he wants to rip off all the plastics etc anyway?

    If this guy can get you a bike for $4k I'm sure you could get out of it under $6k if you did a fair bit yourself though.

    Sounds like fun :grin: :cool:
  4. I hear you, ZXR. :wink:
    With all the paint, labour, yoke, bars, polishing etc, I'd then be looking at another $1500 - $2000.
    For $8k, it should be immaculately presented.
    I have not decided on this path, just looking at my options and getting some feedback. :wink:
  5. If they can make you something like that, do it! That's a bloody killer looking bike!
  6. 8k for a clean one. Thats pretty good, hopefully i can find one in a year or so.
    Well about ur streetfighter plan. that orange one looks awsome. and with the 929 engine the performance will match the look.
  7. that bike is horn. but im more into the 2 little circle lights with just a tad of plastic above them for fighers, can get in most dirtbike shops. i think i saw them in my local KTM shop.
  8. I'd say the idea has potential! If you're keen for that look, then why not spend the money? Sure it'll cost about the same as one that's in good order with all it's fairings intact, but it won't have the same image. If image is what you want, then go for it!

    I also found the 929 uncomfortable - so hopefully fighterising it should fix that problem. :LOL:
  9. man i'm after a repairable 929...

    but yeah they definitely need a custom top yoke due to the step down design from the factory.

    its not difficult to do it yourself but these projects tend to cost more than initially budgetted.
  10. also have a think about nitrous injection for your hornet if it's just a rush you want every now and then.
  11. Hey deafwish I say just go for it, with the 929. A well done street fighter will turn a tonne of head and pull as many chick. Are you just doing the cosmetics or are you also going to boost the power a bit?
  12. A bike capable of near 10second quaters will do me for quite a while! :LOL:
    Nitrous is nice, but I'd use it all the time and it would add a heap more stress to my bike, that is not really designed for.

    <ponders some more.......>
  13. To hijack my own thread, has anyone regretted going from a naked, to a faired sportsbike?
    Any comments on differences (apart from the obvious plastic things) on how the two behave, would be appreciated.
  14. Daz, what exactly did you have done to the front forks of the Hornet, and how many shekels did you have to part with for the fix?? I think my front forks need some TLC......
  15. Looks like a nice idea mate I love the idea of having something like this. $8K for a very cool bike is pretty good.
  16. It is SO much more fun doing as much as you can.. soure get your custom parts off people who make them and get the bike painted by a pro but to make a street fighter like the 636 pictured... $2-$4K for the bike $1k for the redtape, $2K for the mods... $1k MAX for the paint...

    I have built some streetfighters for a fiew friends, mostly to save the on the costs of reparing their smashed bikes... unless you are building a show bike it casts less to make a streetfighter than it is to fix and repair farings...
  17. Come one there is no such thing as to much power. :grin:

    It's just what you do with it. :)
  18. maybe i don't get streetfighter (or the modern streetfight) but to me a streetfighter shows the true person behind the bike (or that was my understand about them when they first came to the floor... what their abilities/skills/worksmanship and style is like and ofcourse to make a mean looking bike..... not these pre-packaged bikes from a shop, don't get me wrong it's a tidy looking bike, but it just doesn't have the same credit as someone who has built it themselve.... just my 2 cents
  19. Very valid point, Stewy.

    I had Eibach springs and 10wt oil put in the forks along with new seals and scrapers. Cost around $400 incl GST.
    The difference is phenominal compared to what it was! :eek:
    It now makes the rear seem like a real hinderance to the overall balance of the bike.... :(
    I will book it in to have the rear respung and revalved (another $400 :cry: ). Dave at Krooz Tune says that after he's finished with the rear, it will be more than competent on the track! <WOOT!>
    Hmmm...... Trackdays..... :?
  20. Thanks for that info, Daz...
    After I have recovered from the financial onslaught of my daughter's wedding, that's definitely on the cards; I've never been entirely happy with the front end, and I wouldn't be surprised if the fork oil is original (rising 80,000 kms :shock:)