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Streetfighter 848

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by panayiotis, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. All,

    Well the time has come to look at my first upgrade bike and the SF848 looks like the bike for me. I waited for the brutale b3 to come out, but Im a bit unsure having seen the new f3, might be a bit small for me.

    Now ducati being ducati their accessories are plentiful but not cheap, so Im going to see if I can find some non factory manufacturers, any suggestions on that part would be great.

    Finally, from people's experience, how much do ducati negotiate on price, I started having a conversation with them today and immediately the sales guy deflected to the accessories and doing a deal on them. Given I hadn't done my homework, I didnt start talking turkey with him, but any help from people on the board would be great.
  2. I reckon you will have trouble striking a decent discount on one to be honest - they are a very, very popular bike. Certainly the dealers here in Sydney rarely have them on the floor because they get sold so quickly.

    I had a similar issue when I bought my Street Triple R not long after they had been released. No chance of a deal on the price - but I did manage to get several hundred dollars of extras thrown in (stuff that I actually wanted and would have paid for anyway).

    So yes - give that a go. Also things like getting them so give you a free service or two as part of the deal could be an option. This will save you several hundred dollars but could be something the dealer would say yes to.

    PS - what other bikes have you looked at? 848SF is on my shortlist too...
  3. When I got the Diavel it was either wait 2 months or take what was on offer, not much room to move. Definitely ask though, got mine at Ducati City because they had stock but I recommend going to Metrohonda in Ringwood. I get all the servicing there, just got ohlins rear installed along with a bunch of other stuff, happy with quality and price.

    Depends on what you are after with accessories, Ohlins etc I got it from a vendor in the states, great price and without gst too. Check in ducati or sf specific forums for 2nd hard parts/deals. Official Ducati parts aren't that much cheaper overseas if you factor in shipping. Non factory manufacturers aren't cheap either :p I suggest plugging the frame holes and front axle. Mine got some rust in the front axle already.

    I'm guessing the sales guy is from Ducati City? and its a set of termi's that they recommend you install at the first service with them? Termi's will be cheaper overseas but they told me if there's any issue with the engine it won't be covered under warranty? I went with the $600 comp werkes exhaust instead of the $3,500 full termi system they were trying to push.

    Do take the SF for a test ride though, from what I've read there's an issue with the heel hitting the exhaust heat shield.
  4. I did notice that when I took one for a test ride but it didn't really annoy me that much. Coming from big bikes (GSX1250FA & GSX1400), it was a very different feel, speedo hard to see/read, digital tacho is weird. Once I got a few things worked out though, god damn!!! so much fun. Can't remember how long my test ride went for, the guy at the shop was in a good mood and didn't limit my time.

    The SF is as close as I will get to riding a sports bike, not comfortable with the cramped ergos and prefer being more up right. After the test ride, no discomfort, apart from having to get off the bike and give the keys back :D

    I also got a high quote for some Termi carbon slip ons, but if I do decide to buy, I"ll be haggling them for a discount (I've bought 3 (new) bikes from these guys). The wait is a few months, but that didn't worry me, got a few things I want to resolve before then anyway.
  5. The Brutale 920 might be within your budget as well. Have you had a look?