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Streetfighter 848 Released!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by V-meister, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. doesnt it look like an angree lookin little biatch
  2. It looks ugly but at the same time it is appealing.
  3. That's part of the whole streetfighter thing.
  4. This is true, but most of the time it's the owners who've created them and the uglyness adds to the character.
    Ducati has somehow found a way to mass produce ugly and make money from it.
  5. So true blocka, I think they get away with it by labeling it as "character" ;)
  6. Yes! Now i'll be able to afford one!
  7. Angry looking bumble bee isn't it, i want one
  8. they're not ugly, they're mean looking f**kers... and I love it! :D
    I want!!! Hopefully the 848 will be tuned to be a bit more road friendly considering all the reviews of the bigger one say it's a bit too harsh for day to day use really
  9. You misspelled Harley Davidson there
  10. I'll take one in yellow please :)

  11. Magnifico.



    Want one.



    Some more pics :arrow: HERE
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  12. But you haven't updated your future bikes list yet ????
  13. hehe.

    This is the Primary list. Streetfighter goes into the Secondary list.
  14. Oh, sorry. My bad. I stand corrected. I'll have to learn the rules then.

  15. No Rules as such, Senor! My problem is I love too many bikes & the list keeps changing. :D
  16. best looking streetfighters imo, way prettier than bug eyed or fly eyed triumphs. waiting in anticipation for reviews and details. no mention of ABS but you'd think it will have it. A deal breaker if not. pricing will be interesting, guessing 20k ride away.
  17. Ugly as sin and looks like it would be about as much fun too.
  18. very Z750..