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Streetfigher 00 R1

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by n3d_15, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, it seems that i'm not having much luck selling my 2000 R1, I'd say for the fact that it has just over 100000 k's on it doesn't help. So I've decided if it doesn't sell by the end of the month to try and turn it into a naked/streetfighter.

    I would like to sell off the engine and bolt in an 02-03 R1 engine, are these a close fit? As in mounting points.

    Also i'm after suggestions on after market displays to use rather than using the original 02 or 03 display?

  2. Can I ask why you are swapping the engine?

    Knowing Honda it will almost be right, but impossible for half a dozen different reasons.
  3. If that was the case then he would only need to worry about the reg/rec unfortuantly that's not the case :p

  4. :-s huh did you read his post, first motor has 100k on it, and lastly R1 are yammy

    Maybe try aus streetfighter, you will probably find more info on these sorts of mods over there (y)
  5. no problems thanks man, any input about the engine conversion??
  6. I think this explains it

    He started reading this, then saw a shiny
  7. Doh! I thought it was an excuse to stick the boot into Honda and got carried away.

    Still, R1 engines are rooted at 100,000?

    Maybe Hondas aren't that bad afterall.

    (Well if Smee can join the MRA . . . )
  8. Oi! I think we need to have a word about demarcation.:grin:
  9. Sorry. I'll stick to Hardleys in future.
  10. the engine isnt rooted but, id rather go injected, i do notice a decrese in power, I know i can get the engine rebuilt, but id rather have a lower k engine, and also have all the electronics off the new bike, ive had enough with the stator/reg issue lol.
  11. Find a specific R1 forum - they're always better for model specific tech.
  12. byy the time you do the engine, electrics, airbox etc that is going to cost a few grand.

    Then if you steet fighter your bike, the resale will plummet.

    The the streetfigher stuff will cost too.

    I'd say your better off taking a hit on the sale now and invest the money in a more up to date bike.