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Street vs Speed Triple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by zxparker, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Hey...

    I just got diagnosed with carpel tunnel in my wrist and figure this is from riding sports bikes... I have just got back from Geelong where I went and tested a Street and a Speed Triple... Would have done it in Melbourne, but someone crashed both the Ringwoon and City test bikes for Stevo's... LOL

    Anyway, I am undecided. I tested the 08 Street Triple and the 07 Speed... I cant justify the $5000 extra in buying new, but I think that you would be able to get a second hand Speed with not many KM on it for a similar price as the Street... What are peoples thought on the adition of the adjustable suspention and the extra braking? I personally found the suspention on the Street to be sufficient, but I wasnt taking the thing round the spur or anything... I didnt think that there was that much of a different in the power delivery. Sure there was a little, but for the extra fuel that you are going to chew, I found that the street was punchy enough... It made the ZX6 feel a little sluggish when I got on to ride home. I realise that this is just due to the nature of the engine and power delivery being lower in the rev range, but this suits the riding that I do much better anyway...

    Overall I found the Street to be a very fun machine in the 20 min or so that I spent on it... The other problem that I am having is the November wait time for a White one :-(

    Any comments on this would be welcome...

  2. I checked both of these bikes out this morning...I think your in for a hard decision!
  3. Both luscious bikes, for sure. Given the time, price and so on, I'd be tempted to go the slightly second-hand Speed. It'll also involve that bit less rowing of the gearbox even over the Street, which should help protect your wrist.
  4. At a race track without super-high speeds (i.e. not above 200kph frequently), the Street Triple has proven to be about as quick as an '06 GSXR600.

    As for "rowing" of the gearbox on the 675 triples, I change gears on my 675 triple less often than on my old R1.

    Having said that, I do understand the appeal of the sheer grunt of the 1050cc triple motor in the Speed Triple, but it's a heavier bike, even though it's also hung with better kit.

    The lighter weight and more nimble nature of the Street would win every time in my book.
  5. My Street arrives in 8 days!!!

    That is all :)

  6. Good points all round...

    Does anyone know what the options would be in stiffening the suspension on the front end of the Street if this is the option that I take...

    I think that the point re the changing of gears is a good one, but I dont know if this would be a worry... The Street did do 150 in 3rd!! I was quite surprised and impressed with this.
  7. A mate of mine rides the Speed Triple, and he's nuts about it. I know he took the Street for a test ride, and found it a bit poor in many respects.

    Often you are able to judge bikes differently with a little experience on them, I know how difficult it can be to make a choice from a test ride.

    Look at it this way; I have never heard of a Speed Triple rider who wasn't totally in love with their bike ....
  8. I took a 1050 speed triple for a bit of a spin & oh my lordy lord, those things are fun. Grunt available anywhere above about 3000rpm. In any gear you please. The motor is an absolute gem, beautifully smooth despite the lumpy sounding exhaust note. Wheelies are just a flick of the wrist away in the first few gears & the acceleration is liquid smooth :grin: :grin: A very deceptive bike in the way it builds speed as there are no real steps or hits in the power delivery. One glance at the speedo quickly dispels any thought of laziness however.
    Very comfy seating position and the nice wide bars & upright stance do an amazing job of hiding the bikes weight. A much lighter "feel" to it than the spec sheet would suggest be the case. And pretty good feel & feedback from the front end as well -which is often lacking on naked upright style bikes. Suspension comprises of multi adjustable forks & shock so the suspension fiddlers should be kept happy for hours & hours -something the street triple lacks :LOL: :LOL: Brakes are 4 pot so there is definately no shortage of stopping power & feel is there in abundance as well. As you would expect from that setup :)
    I have yet to take the street triple for a spin, but it would have to be pretty impressive to make more of an impression than the mighty 1050 :) :) I'll get around to it one day & lets you's all know.
  9. Hi Guys,
    I should have my Street in a week or so. Check the waiting periods again, cos a triumph rep went trough all the fake dealer orders and put the genuine orders ahead so the wait is not November but maybe a few weeks. I am a short person and the Speed was a bit too high for me whereas the Street is light and nimble.
    Good luck with your decision.
  10. I've been hunting the answer to this question since the Street was announced - I previously wanted a Speed but the Street seems a better choice in many respects, for me.

    The conclusion of my research is that there is no clear trend among the decisions of people who have test ridden both: they are fairly different bikes, and it all seems to come down to personal preference and what you're after. Money, size / weight, agility and power seem to be the major differentiators. Since I felt the Street to have enough power, and value maneuverability highly, I suspect the Street is best for me - but I won't know until I've ridden both, and my decision, or at least the rationale for it, will probably differ from yours in important ways.

    So - go and take both for a test ride. I took the Street out on Saturday and really liked it, now I'm keen to see how I feel about the Speed. I could be infatuated with the monster torque, or prefer to muscle around a bigger bike than flick a nimbler one ... gotta suck it and see.
  11. The Speed has a pretty heavy clutch, if it's carpal tunnel you are worried about.

    Motor is pretty noisy too, if that sort of thing matters to you.
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  13. Speed Triple has better engine and brakes. Street Triple has less weight , uses less fuel, has a really crap rear shock. Tough decision you have. The torque is addictive on the 1050 and its much more relaxed to ride fast than the Street. I'm a little biased cause I've got the 1050 but overall its just better imo.
  14. ... until you upgrade it.

    I don't necessarily view this as an advantage, depending on what kind of riding you want to do and local attitudes to enforcement.

    The 1050 torque is incredible, as are the (2008 model) brakes. The Street is no slouch though, and I don't think you could reasonably need better brakes off the track (where, incidentally, the Street makes better lap times than the Speed).