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street tripple

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by timbo79, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. hello everyone..............just looking for some thoughts and experiances on the new triumph street triple.....looking at this one as my next bike....


  2. Hey mate, there is a lot of discussion on www.triumph675.net/forum , from what i've heard they are fantastic bikes and even give the bigger brother the Speed Triple a run for it's money. Do you know about the Street Triple R? Apparently its got upped-spec suspension and a few other goodies. Hope that helps.
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  4. two words:

    f*cking awesome.

    I've put ~ 5000km on mine. No track days yet, but i've covered most other kinds of riding except dirt.

    The only thing i don't like is the steering lock's a bit tight, but it hasn't bothered me as much as i thought it would.

    I took it from Sydney to Wooli ( nr Grafton ) and back over a weekend a few weeks back. Initially I thought it would be kinda painful - the engine feels like it's working at 100km/h and you can feel the tingles in yr fingers and toes ... but i soon came to appreciate it's merits even more than i had earlier. It pulls hard enough in 6th that i had no problems overtaking anything without downshifting, and snicking it down two turns it into an F16. With the screen(s) in place, the wind held me up pretty comfortably and though i had tender back muscles the next day it was really pretty comfy. Ass went to sleep like clockwork every 1.5 - 2 hours, but it's easily solved by the short break you should be taking anyway. I wouldn't take a passenger on that trip, but with ventura rack + bag luggage was no issue.

    Everything about the bike is dominated by the stellar engine, with gearing and geometry that makes it so accessible and fun it's silly. The suspension (one of the corners cut vs the daytona) has been totally adequate for my 65 kgs and reasonably aggressive riding on shitty roads, though i'll prolly upgrade it somewhere down the line. The plain (non-R) street can be upgraded to higher spec than the R if you ultimately want / need it.

    It also looks better than any other bike on the road ( *ducks* ) and will likely provoke an endless stream of scantily women to throw themselves at you.

    An awesome 2nd bike that I'll be keeping until I have to mount a railgun to it and raid from a desert hideout to steal petrol. I just hope I love my firstborn this much ...
  5. I was looking into the speed triple vs the street triple due to the $4k that you save with the street. I have ended up going with the 08 speed triple as i am the best part of 120kgs.
  6. I think the Striple is an absolute cracker. Mind you I haven't ridden the 1050 yet, but I was gobsmacked by what that little engine can do from pretty much anywhere in the rev range. It just f*ckin' takes off.

    The bike's so light that you can piff it around like a BMX - in this way it's very similar to the VTR250, and the net result is that you're immediately in attack mode. Just as well, because even at idle running stock pipes, the engine is raw, aggressive and well up for some shenanigans.

    The steering is absolutely brilliant, it's quicker to turn in than a CBR600RR and I can't remember what tyres Donski was running but they allowed a very neutral feeling in corners, so I found it very responsive mid-turn. On the gas out of a corner the front will go light in second, and well and truly airborne in first, with *this* lard-arse astride it.

    I loved the seating position, but I only rode it for 10 minutes, and I'm a nudie bike fan, so no surprises there. Otherwise, the street triple was pretty much what I want a motorbike to be. Fast, light, chuckable, aggressive, angry, no bullshit, easy to ride, instant confidence and a hooligan streak as fat as Ron Jeremy's doodle.

    I did have two complaints: firstly, the brakes weren't outstanding. They were good, they were adequate, but they stood out on a bike where so much is exceptional that the good looks ordinary. Secondly, there was a nasty on-off throttle snatch that would rival just about anything I've ridden for the honours of most uncomfortable throttle to crack mid-corner. The chain tension was fine but the tiniest bit of power came in with a big kick to the arse. You'd have to be on the gas before tip-in, covering the rear brake to manage it.

    Now, I've read a stack of reviews on this bike and several of them have gone out of their way to point out how smooth the injection takeup is off a closed throttle, so I'm gonna assume that the jerky snatch on Donna's bike (er, that sounds wrong) is some sort of tuning or servicing issue and not typical of the breed. Here's hoping it disappears for ya soon Donski, and thanks a million for the ride!

    In one ten-minute squirt around a small twisties loop and a bit of country town, the Street Triple hugely impressed me, and jumped straight to #2 on my "best bikes I've ridden" list. At the price they're asking it's an absolute steal, and I'd own one any day of the week.

    All in all, the Striple is nothing but the basics, done f*cking well. "This is a bloody 600? Sweet Jesus."
  7. +1 Loz.

    My throttle's a *little* bit snatchy too, but it is my first FI bike and it's not enough to make me worry about cracking it open in a corner - just needs a little feathering sometimes to smooth it out. Sounds like the bike you rode might be more touchy by a few degrees.

    I've had the front lift up a number of times without even trying, and it's never given me the slightest whiff of fear, even while changing lanes (!) - the bike's just so encouraging.

    And the VTR comparison is spot on - it's got everything I loved about the Spada (albeit with a larger u-turn radius), only spades more of it, and cooler than eskimo shit on a popsicle.

    At ~65kg I've never doubted my decision to go the Street over the Speed, and a 1500km weekend which I originally thought was sheer folly (Syd -> Grafton and back) only cemented my high opinion of the bike. Cemented my ass into a funny shape too, but hey.

    If I'd gotten the Speed, I'm sure I'd have less fun, and no license. As it is I have no idea how I've got all my points left ...

    What was your #1 best bike of all time?
  8. Street Triple R sorts that.
  9. Yes, for about $1500 extra. Maybe it's not the wank pack I originally thought. Still, you could uprate the brakes for less than $1500 surely.
  10. have only sat on one.

    cosmetically gorgeous. feels damned comfortable.

    i got three things to say about it;

    F yes, F yes and well, F yes.

    i would love one too !
  11. Full adjustable spenders front and rear as well.

    In the UK, the wait list for the R is less than the standard and this issue of TWO absolutely love it.
  12. if one was to talk into a dealership and say cash price, how much would one expect to pay for a triple on road?

    im kinda giving into my love for triumph.
  13. Cash price = retail price or very close for the street + 1800 of onroads. I was told by each dealer i saw that the price for the street would not change because there is soo much demand.

  14. AJ's Motorcycles Shepparton

    If you're in Vic. get a price off them. I got it delivered to my house in Melbourne for way cheaper than Peter Stevens (the only other Triumph dealer in Vic.).
    Plus the guys are friendly and the service is great.