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Street Tripple located

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 1WDrive, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Came home from shops this arvo and a black one of these was parked up in the bushes in the park beside my house. Rang the cops, supprise supprise rego didn't match bike.

    Anyway cops came around later that arvo and reccon it was reported stolen beginning this year and insurance paid out.

    Looked like it had been flogged, ignition barrel missing, general scapes and scratches.
    Probably ridden to death.
    If it sounds like it was yours, it is now the insurance companies.
    RIP Street triple, I'm sure you were loved once.
  2. Even theives dont want them.
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  3. Serves you right for calling the cops. There's a good $5k of parts you could have stripped and sold
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  4. OK for a good time, not a long time?
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  5. Got a mate with one of the earlier 599 Triples, seems to go very nicely indeed.

    I wouldn't knock them at all. Just because they're relatively cheap doesn't make them terrible.

    - boingk
  6. 599 was a inline 4 wasn't it?
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  7. Yes
  8. Pretty sure they were also made in the Uk not Thailand.
  9. Ffs vertical c. I think I've had to correct you on this before. The Daytona 675 and 675R are the only triumphs currently made in the hinkley factory.
  10. the 599 pre dates the Thai crap
  11. Even your 675 is not Thai made uncle greg
  12. Here is a source that disagrees with you

    "currently its Thai factory assembles the 865 Twins, as well as the 675 and 1050 Triple"


    Under your "fact" that would mean they would make the $13k st3 in england and the $25k explorer in thailand, which makes no sense. So i would believe motorcycle usa.
  13. my bike predates the thai manufactury
  14. Got it wrong, was a T509. Runs well, anyway.

    - boingk
  15. What's with the triumph hating vertical c?
    I'm on my second one now and they are great little bikes. Sure they have there issues (recalls, etc) but all manufacturers do.
    There are several bikes that I wouldn't own (none of the ones you own interest me) or don't like but I don't waste my time bagging the shit out of them like you do. Why don't you just give it a rest and be happy with what you ride and let people ride what they want without the discouraging comments?
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  16. #16 Vertical C, Dec 14, 2013
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2013
    I really dont think there is any harm in telling people that they are made in thailand, especially when people are trying to obsfucate that fact....what are their motives?

    I would buy a Triumph but probably the rocket 3 which is Hickley.

    Anyway just a bit of banter, how is it diffferent to putting crap on scooters or harleys. You need to care less what others think.

    Btw my scooter is made in India i believe. I dont care if people know that because it is fact.
  17. FFS vertical C you have to be the thickest bastard on netrider. The engines are ALL produced in Thailand, not really a drama when bmw new 650 single is Chinese built and apparently has better tolerances and better build quality. The rest of the bike (daytona) is manufactured and finished in Hinckley. The cheaper triumph motorcycles like the Bonnie and the Thruxton are fully Thai built. The Daytona has final manufacture in the UK at Hinkley. I believe also the street triple is wholly manufactured in Thailand.

    If the 11th digit in the VIN is J then you have a Hinckley produced bike. If it is a T it is a Thai-umph
  18. Did you read my source? That says that they the 675 triples are made in thailand. Can you quote your source?

    If its not a problem that they are made in thailand why do you try hide the fact. Embrace the thai if it is so good.

    Its the first letter not the 11th letter


    It is S for England and M for Thailand.
  19. POS 1 - 3 Manufacturer
    POS 4 - 6 Model
    POS 7 - Engine
    POS 8 - Power Output
    POS 9 - Check Digit
    POS 10 - Model Year
    POS 11 - Assembly Plant
    POS 12 - 17 - Sequence Production Number


    Yes it is S for England M for Thailand. But AFAIK that is only the manufacturer NOT the manufacturing plant. Therefore all triumph should start with S as they are a English manufacturer. The plant designation at the 11th digit is determined by J or T for triumphs
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