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Street triple with headlight cowl? yay/nay?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by oldcorollas, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. inspired by the speed triple with FZ1 headlight cowl...

    wonder how this would look IRL?

    with bars lowered an inch or so and Tiger cowl.. obviously the transition at the bottom needs work..

    vs the artist impression of Striple 800 ST
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  2. Just a wee bit more work there, oldcorollas, and you'll have created something which could easily be called a Daytona. ;-)
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  3. i hear what you're sayin, but i'm not young or supple enough for a Daytona :) halfway between the two would be good i reckon.. but not 250kg like the VFR800

  4. Know the feeling! Know the feeling well.

    When I had my Striple, I found the wee windscreen (snigger) did give some improvement to air flow, but only at "loose your licence" speeds.

    But, to be honest, I tend to prefer naked motorbikes because too effective a fairing makes it too easy to loose track of your speed, and then your licence.

    Just BTW this theory didn't work that well for the Street Triple.

    I had just got the earliest version, had the first service done and the bike was still stock standard, when I rode down to P.I. for a track day.

    When I arrived at the motel, the night before the track day, I cleared out the trip computer, and was surprised to find that somewhere on the ride down from Sydney, I had recorded a speed of 187 kph...... and I thought I had been SO sensible.
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  5. for all i know, the cowl and screen might make it terrible :)
    i reckon the tiger cowl looks better than the VFR one... something about the angles make it look wrong.. (or looks arse..)

    as you said, if the striple was to be sporty, it would be a daytona...


    the ST^2 angle (like the tiger) seems to work better on the nekkid... although the Speed has more mechanical bulk, so looks a bit unbalanced...
  6. Might be nice to put some sportsbike mirrors on the front fairing to clean up the handlebars a bit. I never liked the striple stock mirrors.

    It's hard to get something like this to look right as it's always going to look like an add-on. I quite like the last picture though, the one in black...

    Either way anything will be better than the stock windshield. Ewwww.
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