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Street Triple vs Street 500 or XVS 650

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Fabio41, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,

    I would like to know your opinion. I have got a Street Triple 660 and I know it is fantastic bike and everything but in fact, I am not enjoying ride it much, I don't know if it is the seating position or what else. When I was about to buy it a year ago, I did test ride XVS 650, and I liked a lot, but at the time I decided to go for the Street Triple, now has the Harley Street 500 in the equation. What would be the pros and cons from this change, in your opinion.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I've ridden the Street triple R and an XVS650......but not much so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

    I find two clearly separate types of enjoyment between riding a cruiser and riding something sportier. I find just plodding along on a cruiser lots of fun.....if I did that on the str3 I'd be bored in 3 seconds flat. Obviously cornering on the XVS is something very different to the Str3. But.....I found you don't need to put the knee down to have fun.

    My advice is to ask what type of riding do you want to do? If it is like me and your answer is "All of it!!!" then you're going to need more than one bike.

    I would love a cruiser, but I also love getting nice and low on corners and am gearing up for some track time.
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  3. If you aren't enjoying the street triple. Then what's the point in discussing it's merits? Try another bike.
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  4. Hi Fabio

    As the others have alluded to, what bike is best for you comes down to the types of roads you ride and how you ride them. From the sounds of it a cruiser might suit you more.

    However, I'm assuming by the bikes you're looking at that you're still on your LAMS? How long do you have left? If it's only a few months I'd stick it out with the Triumph then upgrade when you don't have any restrictions. You'll have a lot more to chose from then, potentially at lower prices and won't have to go through the costs and hassle of changing twice. If you've still got a few years left, then you might as well change it up.

    At the end of the day motorcycling is about enjoyment. If you're not enjoying yourself then you might as well be in a car.
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  5. Sounds like you prefer cruisers. If you're not happy with the street triple, just sell it & go for the vstar.

    cons: losing a bit of money
    pros: enjoyment of riding a bike that turns you on
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  6. I really appreciate your opinion, thanks for advice! I think I am just not that sporty, I am am little more conservative riding speaking!
  7. Nobody is saying anything about the harley davidson street 500.
    I like the look of that bike a lot ... but ... never heard much from anyone about it
  8. If it's only the ergonomics causing the issue then that can always be altered, if however it's more to do with having a more conservative riding style then the cruisers may be a better option. As has already been stated though if you don't have a long time left to come off restrictions then you may be better off hanging onto the striple till then, opens up a lot more options once off restrictions. If however you do have ages to go then either of the two cruisers you mentioned are quite good.

    Having recently had a chance to ride a HD Street 500 I was quite surprised at how well she actually handled, good even spread of power, brakes weren't quite as good as I would have liked though and I was actually a bit disappointed with the build quality, definitely not up to the usual HD quality, based on that I'd probably recommend the Yammie over it, another to consider now is the Kawasaki Vulcan 650 LAMS model.