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Street Triple Stator

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tonee, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. #1 tonee, Apr 10, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2013
    Unfortunately the Striple refused to start yesterday. The Reg/Rect as been replaced before so I assumed it must be the stator this time.

    So I opened up the Stator cover and discovered this

    I've never seen a damaged stator before but I'm assuming its fried by the look of the coils on the right?

    I've done some research online, has anyone had any experiences with Rick Motors stators and are there other brands out there to consider?

    Also would you recommend to get it rebuilt or get an aftermarket.


  2. Seems common on those bikes, ask @Blaise
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  3. Give small coil rewinds a ring. They will fix it better than origional.
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  5. Yeah I fried my stator on my DRZ400 dirt bike and replaced it with a Ricks stator. Worked perfectly after that, didn't have any more electrical problems.
  6. Your stator looks pristine compared to the one I pulled out of my Daytona last weekend. I got mine from regulatorrectifier.com and shipping took about 2 weeks using UPS Priority mail.
  7. Mine looked worse than that but I managed to get it and the r/r replaced under warranty. It is the r/r unit that causes this damage so your stator was most likely damaged by the previous, faulty, r/r and has now just decided to die.

    Any chance of warranty claim???
  8. I'm tossing between Rick's and

    hhrrmm but mines still fried though right? :unsure:

    What are the chances that the R/R has also failed with the stator? The R/R got replaced 2 years ago by the previous owner so I'm assuming it should be fine at this stage and its just the Stator that needs to be replaced.

    I'm tossing between Rick's and regulatorrectifier.com, regulatorrectifier.com quotes "Re-designed and Improved Triumph 675 Street Triple Stator" which says to me its better than Ricks, but is it really Re-designed and improved?
  9. Yes definitely fried, a continuity test with a multimeter will probably show open circuit windings.

    Regulators are a Shunt or PWM (Mosfet) style, they regulate by shorting the windings of the stator. A fault like this will probably not take out the regulator because the voltage will fall away rather than increase. Still a chance the reg has gone but unlikely.
  10. Must be the 1 Edison invented, get a tesla 1 mate
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  11. I just did a quick multimetre test.

    When starting the bike, it goes from ~12.4V to ~13.15V. From experience after the engine starts it should rev ~>14V. I guess that confirms the stator isn't producing power.
  12. ah good point, from memory when the car's regulator failed the voltage dropped however in this case the voltage holds at ~13V.

  13. Yes you have lost one or two phases out of the three, the voltage is not rising high enough for the regulator to regulate. As you say you should have 14+ for good charge.

    :) Have no fear it is an alternator invented by the great Tesla. It's only Triumph, and Honda's implementation that is a bit shoddy. Edison played around with those DC generators thingies. Edison fried various animals to try and show his DC was safer than that Tesla AC stuff.
  14. Hows the stator holding? I've done a lot of reading and some people have had good and bad experiences with the quality of the stator. Apparently RR.com and Ricks are from the same suppliers.
  15. ^^^ Can't say, only been in a week so far but all seems fine so far (fingers crossed).

    @northerner - I've already been through a warranty replacement a couple of years ago where they changed the r/r and the ecu (it was fried by being hit with 17V). I briefly spoke with the dealer and Triumph Australia and it looked like I'd be in for an epic, drawn out "he said, she said" type battle to claim. Took ages last time and I didn't want to go through that shit again so I simply replaced the parts myself (r/r and stator).
  16. city auto electrics in coburg i think,also is the bike still under warranty????
  17. Negative...well I don't think so as its been over 3 years. I've just purchased a Rick's stator from Riders Discount for $165 shipped.


    The stator arrived today from Rider's Discount.
    In addition to the stator a few barrel terminals, a heat sink and these sets of instructions were provided.

    I am confused at what they mean by "factory connections." I'm sure it mean's the bike's factory and not the stator's factory right? I know the R/R connections from the Triumph factory were known to over heat and cause failure so is that what the instructions are referring to? The bike as already done the R/R recall so if that's the case I believe I don't have to change the terminals.

  18. The stator is installed with a new battery and now its all working beautiful!

    Here's a couple of comparison photos of the OEM and Rick's stators

    Thanks for all the help!

  19. Good job mate - that old one looks exactly the same as my old one. Ie stuffed.