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Street Triple Rx

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  1. Katt submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Street Triple Rx

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  2. Congratulations, you have made an excellent choice. I took a long look at one when I was shopping in 2012. The speed triple came a very close second to my weapon of choice. For some reason I could not get past the headlights though. I could not get past the look of a bug eyed monster from outer space. Still can't. Hope to see you at the track soon. I'm doing a track day on Easter Monday at Eastern Creek, why not pop out and I can give you the run down on a track day if you've not done one before.
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  3. I just purchased one of these last week :)

    I love mine.

    We seem to have the same mods except I have also thrown some red billet at mine and the case savers
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  4. Beautiful bike. What is interesting is that you are comfortable on it at 155cm and I am 183cm and also felt comfortable! Awesome bike :)
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  5. Nice! Did you get the arrow exhaust straight away? Was wondering how it is compared to to stock exhaust. Thinking about getting one on mine. Loving my RX too!
  6. I fitted the Arrow straight away :)