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Street Triple RX

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  1. Maximu5 submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Street Triple RX

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  2. Your bike looks stunning dude... How are you finding the quick shift?
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  3. Thanks mate. It's pretty smooth and easy to use. Saves my clutch hand from getting as sore in traffic. Trying to run up the Ks so I can use the full rev range.
  4. Is this a limited release model? Or is this the new model for the Triple range?
  5. Its a limited edition. Only 30 of them were sent to Australia. I think there are a couple still left on bikesales
  6. Nice.. congrats once again!
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  7. Nice bike. I'd recommend giving it a couple of months to see if the colour grows on you. Repainting a brand new bike...? I had plans to change my headlights to the old versions but now I much prefer the new headlights.
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  8. Yeah, the older style headlights were my original preference too. The bug eyes are already starting to grow on me. Man are they bright compared to the Daytona lights! Much more comfortable bike too.
  9. Love the bike Maxi! How do you find the seat comfort? I can't wait till I can get my hands on that beast
  10. Bright lights for sure. I get cars flashing me sometimes during the day , lol
  11. I'd say it's halfway between the Daytona and the Street Triple R. The upright seating position on the Daytona tail makes it more comfortable. Will probably get an aftermarket seat at some stage. Fine for commuting though
  12. I used to get that. Aim your headlights down, they are easy to adjust. They should point a bit downwards and light up the road, not directly forward.
  13. When I first got the bike I thought that but after riding a bit at night the lights were great that way , as it is critical to pick up sight of the Roos early and when dipped
    you don't want the lights showing the road just in front of bike because I hate surprises, it also helps to keep my sight further ahead rather than too close too late.
    Might be different in the city perhaps.
  14. I'm not saying point them down so much that it compromises your your view up ahead, just point them slightly downwards so you don't blind people. If you have a look at your car's headlight beams you'll see they point slightly downwards. I've never had any problems seeing after I adjusted my lights and other drivers can now see when I ride near them.
  15. Looks very nice I test road an r and I absolutely loved the way the front suspension felt . I was looking at buying an rx but they gave me a crap trade in, so will stick with the old girl for the moment, before u buy an arrow exhaust youtube street triple r and two brothers exhaust , it is the most wicked sound I have ever heard from a sub 700cc bike
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  16. Beautiful bike. You are a lucky man. Rode the 660 LAMS this morning and was blown away by how comfortable it was. I was impressed with the performance and yours has twice as much!! Yehaw :)
  17. What's the difference between the RX and standard Street triple R. Is it just cosmetic or different engine?
  18. I'm no expert but from memory the difference is the Rx has the fly screen and belly pan. It has Red and Matt Silver paint work, red wheels and a quickshifter.

    It's mean to be a limited time special.
  19. you are correct
  20. It has a Daytona seat too.