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Street Triple RX Coffman's Short Exhaust

Discussion in 'Naked' started by Maximu5, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Howdy all,

    Just received my Coffman's shorty exhaust today and installed it. Very pleased with the results.
    I wanted something a bit louder and deeper to assist with being more audible when dick heads decide to change lanes without looking or indicating. Despite my attempts to pass the blind spot of vehicles quickly and avoid the area, it still happens to me on a regular basis.

    Run by a small family in the US, Coffman's were very helpful with my queries and agreed to make me a custom one for my Street Triple RX, without their brand plate for an all matte black finish. The system came with good packaging, instructions and all the components you require. The only things you need to grab yourself are blue loc-tite for the mounting bolt and a pair of snap ring pliers (if you want to pull the baffle out).

    I've included a couple of videos, with stock exhaust and the Coffman's shorty. Unfortunately the video doesn't do justice to just how loud it really is. I may need earplugs for riding now and that's with the baffle and both cores installed.

    I'm going to try removing one of the cores over the next couple of days to see how that sounds, though I doubt I'll need it or remain street legal if I leave it that way. I tried to pull the baffles out today, however the snap ring pliers I bought from Auto Pro were garbage and I only succeeded in scratching the paint on the inside of the exhaust. $40 later and I have some heat proof paint to touch it up and a better pair of pliers to try later on.

    Apologies for the crappy gopro skills and audio quality. The best I have right now.

    Hope this is helpful to anyone considering their exhausts.

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  2. Does the bike ride any differently?

    I've heard the lack of back pressure on these exhaust make it ride funny
  3. I took it out for a spin tonight and didn't notice any difference, though I'm no expert. I'm going to get the arrow exhaust tune loaded soon and see if that gives any noticeable changes. Yeah I read a lot about that too, apparently that can happen if you mess with the baffles and not tune it properly. For street riding (and i do like to twist the wrist) it doesn't seem any different, except for the fact that everybody knows I'm there now!
  4. Yeah, I think you're right. Every time I twist the wrist on my Stripler I giggle like a school girl. Must be because it rides 'funny'?

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  5. OK. After a few days I'm over it. Haha. It sounds awesome whilst idling and accelerating, however constant speed and higher speeds make it unbearable, with the baffles in and ear plugs as well. I think it's just the wrong frequency, somehow manages to resonate through the bike and my whole body. Arrow tune didn't make any difference, though I wasn't expecting it to. The exhaust wasn't too expensive and was worth a shot. The company are really good about it and are accepting my return. Now I'm looking at other options.
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  6. Shame its no good for you and good on the company for taking it back :)

    I'm very happy with the arrow on mine
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  7. I am very happy with the arrow on mine also, however I have removed the baffle from my arrow. Not much louder just a deeper sound.
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  8. I might have to look at that. I wanted to be more audible in traffic, not blast everyone's ears including my own. Now looking at getting the arrow or the scorpion serket carbon. Its always hard looking online, as nothing is the same as listening to the real exhaust in person.
  9. Same here

    I have a video test that I did of my Arrow that is very close to how it sounds in person (a ittle quieter in the vid) if your interessted
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  10. Yeah, that would be great. Thanks
  12. Thanks for that. I just pulled the trigger on one. Hopefully get it on Tuesday!
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  13. I'm not intending on being rude to you mate. But don't you think it's far beyond expectation for the company to take it back after you've custom ordered it, fitted it, scraped the inside, repainted, and ridden around with it?

    Simply because you don't like the sound of it.
    I'm not a business owner but I think that's a pretty tough expectation.
  14. No, not really.

    When the sound is so horrible and ridiculously loud at higher and constant highway speeds that I get headaches even with earplugs in, then something's not right. They're under the impression that there may be something wrong internally and were more than happy to take it back as long as there is no serious damage from impact or an accident. A few scratches internally that I've already touched up with hi temp exhaust paint won't be an issue. The expectation is that the exhaust is actually usable. As far as custom ordering goes, the only difference is the name plate not being riveted on, which they can easily do themselves if they refurbish it and want to resell it. I paid for the original and return shipping, so I don't see any issue at all.
  15. Finally arrived yesterday. Dodgy Couriers Please delivery. Took them over a week to take it 15km from the store to my house. Installed last night and gave it a run in. Not quite as loud as I was hoping for with the baffles out, but it still sounds pretty damn good. Screeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaam, burble, burble, burble. hehehe
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  16. Make sure you get the arrow tune installed next service (it felt like it made a difference to me anyway).

    It will get a little louder and failing that just ride it harder...HEHEHEHEHE
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  17. Yeah, had it mapped when I put the shorty on. I actually get a little more out of the tank now with that tune (Was running the stock exhaust with it for 2 weeks). I was expecting less km
  18. Just out of curiosity, have you considered Competition Werks?
  19. I'm on the 660, and have been researching exhausts. Seems folk on various forums, eBay, etc regard the short exhausts as too loud. I am cuurrently considering the HP course hydroform.
  20. #20 Maximu5, Sep 1, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2015
    Yeah i really did consider them. Nice looking can. Really was keen on one for a while. After a lot of research i found a lot of people reporting that they were too loud. I do too much street riding unfortunately. The Arrow with the baffles out ended up being plenty loud without being obnoxious. Happy medium, personally for my needs.