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Street Triple R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mr_Warz, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. Ever since I paid my deposit on the R, I have found myself scratching uncontrollably like a crack addict waiting for a fix. I have also developed a twitch in my left eye accompanied by a nervous tick that sends my right hand into spasms (it looks as though it is twisting a throttle...)

    I have also found myself getting aroused by owls...

    My girlfriend is getting upset because during my sleep I keep stealing cd's and DVD's from her collection and sticking them onto the front of my vtr250... I don't even know I'm doing it...

    Just the other day I took a sledge hammer to one of the cylinders on her magna... just so I could hear the comforting roar of a three cylinder machine...

    I’m sick... So very sick...

    The only thing that seems to keep my symptoms at bay is looking at photos of the R with 3 into 1 exhaust and, belly pan and flyscreen for a couple of hours each day. It took me forever to find some that actually had the accessories. I thought I had better share them with the rest of you just in case a few of you were also suffering from 'triple fever'.

    The doctor thinks my illness should pass the moment I get my hand on 'my precious'....


    Until then, I’m going back to my padded cell where I am free to rock back and forth muttering Hinckley until I fall asleep. I find it comforting.


  2. Whilst you wait for it, please edit the title, so it is not in all capitals. It is a rule in the Terms and Conditions
    Thanks :)
  3. It's a long time to wait to find out you should have bought a Honda......
  4. Love the Hondas, if nothing else you know they are going to start first time, everytime (usually...) for as long as you own it. Parts are cheaper too. But for strait up sexy as hell motorcycle sex...

    Nothing beats a triple.

    Sorry mate!
  5. heh heh, just making mischief, that's all :LOL:
  6. That doesn't sound you like you, Paul!

    Oh and by the way, nice bike...
    As soon as money allows I will get either the street triple or the Daytona....

    I haven't made up my mind - though it sure is a nice problem to be placed with!
  7. Gotta love a triple.. just not mine
    Wish Id waited and bought the Trump R
  8. What's wrong with the Benelli (going by avatar)?
  9. Striple R is pure sex.

    Got mine on order too and know exactly how you feel. When I spoke to the triumph rep at the expo a few weeks ago he said there was a December shipment and also more coming in Jan, not sure if that's the way it will turn out but who knows you might get it sooner. I have another problem though I'm off restrictions end of Jan so can't ride it even if it gets here in Dec.
  10. Saw one in North Melb/Flemington this evening. Was filling up my Hornet when the Striple R pulled into the same sevo. Just had a quick chat with him, he said he was running it in for the press reviews coming up. The pillion and the rider had huge grins on their faces, they loved it.
    It certainly is a beauty, the colour didn't appeal to me though. A sort of mid to dark grey.
  11. yeah, the colour isn't great. It looks a bit tame. Sad the orange colour isn't available until later. Having said that, sometimes the brighter ones 'age' a bit quicker. The great thing about bikes is a custom paint job doesn't cost the earth. Thanks for reporting the spot. I doubt I'd be Lucky enough to c one here in Brisbane.
  12. I love the Striples that have the belly pan and the fly screen, they really finish off the look nicely.
    I saw the R at the motorcycle show, and I didn't really like the colour that much either, I think white would be much nicer.