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Street Triple R, VFR800 or GSXR750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by luke4224, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. So, I'm coming off my P's shortly and looking at my options.

    After much research I've come down to these 3 bikes. Will be looking at 2009+ models for around 10k.

    I do a bunch of different riding but most of my K's are commuting to and from work (50km round trip). I want to do track days and improve my riding. I want to get faster while still being safe.

    These are the reasons I've chosen these 3.

    The Streety appeals for the hooligan factor, the looks and all the reviews that say this is the best all round bike money can buy. I have sat on one though and it felt very small.

    The VFR strikes a chord because of its comfort, it's ability to chew up the miles and that sweet vetec V4. I have also had a sit on this bike and instantly felt right at home. Only apprehension is the weight of the thing. I think with full tank and my arse on it, it will tip the scales at 335kgs.

    The GSXR is a new addition to the list. Never thought I'd go for a super sport but from what I have read these are reasonably comfortable for taller riders, the longer rides but also get up and go hard. I like the idea of getting into track days as well. So, with the slipper clutch, steering dampener, adjustable suspension and selectable ECU, this bike sounds like a good package.

    Would love to hear anybody's experiences with any of these bikes. Especially taller riders..
  2. 3 pretty different bikes there.. if you commute in the rain, the VFR would be the bike to go for.. very good weather protection.. if you are mainly going to track it the GSXR and for a good inbetweener the nakeds are always a good compromise.. but shitty in the weather..
  3. Yeah, very different bikes but all good in their own way. I was leaning towards the VFR until I read the ergos on the GSXR were pretty good for taller riders.
  4. The GXR's bars are lower then the Viffers, but closer to you. The Gixxer is a very well balanced bike to ride. And quite easy to punt along at a rapid rate.
    It's about forty kilo's lighter and at least 20hp more on tap at any part of the rev range. Passenger comfort isn't as good as the Viffer, nor the screen as affective. Up to about two hours riding you wont notice the lower bars, then an inch more height would be heaven ........
    The viffer sounds brilliant. That weight also makes it track along pretty comfortably and confidently.... to a point.
    The viffer will do 150,000 k's before it starts falling to bits.... the Gixxer mmm it's a sports bike... say 60,000...
    I have a viffer downstairs somewhere, havent ridden it this year yet. But that's the thing with a viffer. if I ever do get the urge I can go down stairs.... find it first then stick the key in it and ride all day.
  5. Hehehe...that's how you do it. :barman:
  6. VFR's sound horn with some pipes, and they are no slouches when it comes to the twisty stuff, i have seen many ride the absolute shit out of them. I have no actual experience so consider my opinions worthless, but V4's are pretty awesome, i would say you will need to have a ride of them to find out which one really gets you going. If you concerned that the viffer will be too heavy im sure you will be fine after a little bit of riding once you get used to the weight, my bike weighs a lot more than my first, for the first few weeks it was a challenge but these days it just feels the same as riding my older lighter bike. There is also the chance to modify the VFR with different forks and brakes if you want a bit more hardcore performance. Which is what i am planning to do, tri colour viffer, mod it with USD forks, better shock and delink the brakes by replacing them with a set of supersport brakes.

    gixxa's are for squidz who are at least slightly sik, but mostly fully.
  7. STR, easy choice
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  8. I did check a VFR out last week that had some pipes, instant chubby.

    Yeah, I have seen a lot of squids on gixxers but maybe I could buck the trend.

    Need to wait out the next 12 days of restrictions and take a couple for a ride. How willing are dealers to hand over keys for test rides?
  9. Buy a older gsxr for $7k and keep the 250. Then when you crash it at the track you can still get to work.

    Older ones will fit better too.
  10. VFR is 213kg dry
    Mine is 321kg dry, put me on it and its the same as a small planet lol.

    Back to topic

    GSXR750 hands down

    Replace the STR with a SuperDuke
    (Just a thought)
  11. No way I could get approval from the boss to have 2 bikes, especially with a baby on the way.
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    Then get the vfr so that you can go on longer rides to get away from the screaming. :)

    I had a vfr and i am over 6 foot it was comfortable enough but I find the zx6 fine as well. Everyone is different but so what someone else might find comfortable you might not. Its more likely to be better than a lot of bikes.
  13. Based on your requirements, STR hands down. Go do some test riding as soon as you can.
  14. Just go test ride the bikes you have selected.

    My first pick would be STR, then the VFR, and GSXR last. But you might find you like the GSXR best.

  15. @tonee has owned all 3 IIRC, he might have some interesting input.
  16. Are you intending to buy new or 2nd hand?
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    yeah alright.....hehe

    I first had the GSXR and it was the best super bike I've ridden. Power, handling and the grunty exhaust note it had. However I commuted on the highway in slacks and it was a pain on my back and testis :beating: .

    That's when I sold it for the VFR 800. The VFR was a couch on wheels and it had an exhaust noise that I will always appreciate. You'll need an aftermarket pipe to get the best growl of the V4. It handled the highway/freeway like a breeze, but sadly it was like a truck in the city. Heavy and heats up quick which was not very pleasant to commute in summer. However it did require more effort to keep the bike within the lane when you have strong cross winds hitting the large surface area fairings. It was a typical Honda with superb quality and final touches. The combined dual brakes was pretty handy in the wet. As a touring bike I expected it to be more fuel efficient, I think it drank the most out of the bikes I've owned. As the bike is like a couch its not going to give you much of the "FUN" factor. Oh and I was more hesitant to filter traffic with the wider body.

    So I got sick of the weight and heat, in addition the annoying fairings when it came to servicing the bike. Ironically the Street Triple is a combination of both the GSXR and VFR. Fast, nimble and fun like the GSXR, yet as comfortable as the VFR. The wide bars, upright position and light weight makes it easy to flick around the city. I could take it to the hills and tracks and still have heaps of fun. It kept up with the supersports on the track and I didn't get a sore back at the end of the day. I believe if you get the R model the suspension would be better for track days. The features this bike had compared to other jap bikes I've had was the tacho which has lots of functions like stopwatch, lap timer, max speed, instant fuel consumption and average fuel consumption and NO FAIRINGS:dance: ! Another bonus is, if you get an aftermarket pipe that requires re-tuning, all you'll need is an OBD cable and a freeware software off the internet with all the available maps.

    After owning the Striple I don't think I'd ever get bike a supersports for the streets. Riding a supersports around town will give you unnecessary discomfort and there's no power at low RPMs. The Striple has a low power range so the power is pretty instant, where as a typical super sports would lag until 6000-7000rpms to get some power. You can thrash heaps of supersports including the thous from the lights to the speed limit hehe.
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  18. Iv always had sports bikes until a couple of days ago I bought a street triple and so far its a hell of a lot more fun around town. beware it may turn you into a hooligan though. I have also briefly rode a 750 and it was very comfortable for a sports bike but had not much go in the low revs which is most of my town riding. Plus my insurance is only 700 bucks, half the price of my cbr1000
  19. SAME! Strange though...
  20. I recently rode a 2013 STR round Mt Cotton circuit in Brisbane... man that bike is hard to fault, confidence inspiring in the corners, buttery smooth acceleration and the gearing seemed perfect. Its almost too refined which sounds kinda stupid I know but it jumped to the top of my upgrade list anyway.