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Street Triple R spec Austrlian ARRIVAL!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by StripleRspec soon!, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Just thought that i would keep all of you in the loop who have the Street Triple R spec on order like myself!

    I just rang my dealer, who had their Triumph rep in store, to try and get an update on the delivery date. He put me on hold for a short while to check with his rep, when he returned his words were, "I just spoke to the rep, and you can take it as straight from the horses (triumph) mouth, that they are expecting the demo bikes around early January... But your bike will arrive in either Jan or feb, and could even be here MID TO LATE DECEMEBER." DECEMBER DECEMBER DECEMBER!!! I couldn't believe what i was hearing, i really hope he is right as the wait has been soo long!

    I must admit though that i have had my order in since late july, so unless you orded this early there is every chance that your bike might not be until the jan/feb shipment. But thought you would all appreciate the insight!

    This all comes on the back of me talking to an american who said they also got told originally jan and their bike actually turned up in NOVEMBER!! This prompted me to call my dealer, and low and behold it looks like we might be enjoying an early delivery here in oz too!! I really do not know why they prioritised the USA over us, yes i understand that they are a much larger market, but the amount of comments i have read on international forums about people getting their new R spec with only a couple of weeks to enjoy it before the first snow fell and the have to garage it for a few months!?!? Painful to hear for us here in Aus awaiting our arrival to enjoy in our summer, but this is the way of the world hey.

    Good luck to all of you waiting and I'll see you soon on the roads!!!! GIDDY UP!!!
  2. How much of a premium did you pay for the STR over the standard ST?
  3. Good luck with the wait OP. It'll be worth it!!! :)

    $13,490 for the 'R' and $11,990* for the standard plus dealer and govt. rogering...

    * I'm pretty sure the current RRP for the standard is $12,490 but the Triumph Australia website still has the old price...
  4. All that upgraded kit from the daytona, only for an extra 1k!
    That is pretty darn decent.

    I have been looking forward to just getting the standard one and I think i still prefer the torque curve of the ST over the STR but only an extra 1k for some decent brakes and adjustable suspension.

    ...that is a tempting proposition...

    I was wondering about why there was a price discrepency in the dealer prices and the website price.
    Cheers SillyGit
  5. Both bikes have exactly the same engine.
  6. The web is still quoting the 2008 model prices.
  7. Yeah but this one has an R!!
  8. Are you talking about the Street triple's or another bike?

    The street triple comes in two models. The Street Triple and The Street Triple R Spec.

    The R spec is exactly the same as the standard bike except it has up-spec brakes, suspension, and a new paint job and bars. The frame, guages, engine (including engine performance), lights, tyres etc... are all the same.

    Hope this clears it up for you mate.
  9. Well i clearly have my facts wrong.

    I heard that the STR would have a power increase as well, by taking the daytona engine as is, rather that the remapping as so forth that the ST has.

    But yeah, seem like you guys are more in the know than i am.

    However on the flip side. What a sweet bike!
  10. I would be careful about getting your hopes up.

    I ordered my ST (not R) in July and was told 2.5months, 3 months max.

    In the end it was 4 months. (always another week or two!)

    Total agony waiting, so I know what your going through. Got mine last weekend though, so all good now. It's totally awsome. even when stopped I just love looking at it!, and when you ride it the engine sound is the best I have ever heard from any machine.

    Done 660km so far. The R looks cool but I haven't felt the need for any adjustment with the standard suspension. Might have considered it for the orange paintwork though but I heard that would not be avaialable until May.
  11. Ever since I paid my deposit on the R, I have found myself scratching uncontrollably like a crack addict waiting for a fix. I have also developed a twitch in my left eye accompanied by a nervous tick that sends my right hand into spasms (it looks as though it is twisting a throttle...)

    I have also found myself getting aroused by owls...

    My girlfriend is getting upset because during my sleep I keep stealing cd's and DVD's from her collection and sticking them onto the front of my vtr250... I don't even know I'm doing it...

    Just the other day I took a sledge hammer to one of the cylinders on her magna... just so I could hear the comforting roar of a three cylinder machine...

    I’m sick... So very sick...

    The only thing that seems to keep my symptoms at bay is looking at photos of the R with 3 into 1 exhaust and, belly pan and flyscreen for a couple of hours each day. It took me forever to find some that actually had the accessories. I thought I had better share them with the rest of you just in case a few of you were also suffering from 'triple fever'.

    The doctor thinks my illness should pass the moment I get my hand on 'my precious'....


    Until then, I’m going back to my padded cell where I am free to rock back and forth muttering Hinckley until I fall asleep. I find it comforting.


  12. For only a grand - sounds cheap to me. You get to enjoy this and then when times comes to sell, a premium over the standard model as well :cool:
  13. Ah, the good old (new triumph) wait! I ordered my 675 in Jan 06, received it late june of the same year. It was crazy waiting so I did a crazy thing to pass time. Had a nice off which I'm still healing from :LOL: If you ever decide to do some damage to yourself, try not to damage the nerves in your shoulder (Brachial Plexus) unless you want ~3 years paid time off work :wink:

    Well anyway, once you finally get the bike the wait will be all forgotten and you'll be grinning ear from ear! And on a related note, I decided to check out Triumph stuff at the Melbourne CBD PeterSteves store when I got back from Japan and hmmm, Triumph had disappeared! A couple of weeks later, finally bothered to check up on what happened and found (on here strangely enough from a google check) the address of the new store.

    I know most people most likely will just say I should have asked a member of staff but since I kinda hate Peter Stevens (yes yes, it SUCKS that PS == Triumph Australia) and was zonked up on pain killers (oxycontin makes it bearable enough for me to walk into PS :wink: ), I just could not be bothered asking :idea:

    Once again, enjoy the bike!! :biker: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  14. So this is the 3rd post of yours that is exactly the same.
    Is there a point to this?
  15. Yeah. He is excited about his bike.
  16. Sorry wacko If I have offended you. The point is that I am excited about my new bike (right on deadsy!) I posted the same thing over three different forums to share the photos I had attached to it with other people in related forums (street triple).

    Was it really worth posting back about it?

    I will try and keep the happiness and joy of my motorcycling to myself from now on. What was I thinking sharing my thoughts on a motorcycle forum. Silly me.
  17. Wacko is just jealous
  18. Thanks for sharing the pics, I definitely need to keep observing for the next 11 mths =P~
  19. MR WARZ that is some of the funniest pieces of writing i have read in a LONG time!! Hope your girl can forgive you for bagning up her car, bet she will when she see's you roll up on your new striple!!! Let her know that her boys isnt the only one to be suffering from this rare disease! Lets hope it doesnt last much longer hey?!?

    The pics were the goods too!!! I took forever also to finally track down some images with all the extras on it! Definitely is the closest thing to a fix for now..... UNTIL THE DEMO BIKES ARRIVE IN A WEEK OR SO!!

    Thats right! I was at my dealership yesterday, just to drop by and tick a few more boxes on the accessories list and talk poo about bikes just because i am LOOSING MY SHIT WITH EXCITEMENT!!! and they said that they will have their demo bike in about a week or so!! And also notified me that a bike has been allocated against my name on the ship that is currently sailing somewhere on the open seas!!!!! GIDDY UP!!!!

    I noticed your from bris... Have you ordered through sprinwood triumph also?? Hope you get the January arrival too!!! Fingers, toes, eyes, legs (although it looks a little homo) are all crossed to hopefully make the Jan arrival a reality!!

    Will post you some pics of a completely accessorised one as soon as mine arrives!!!

  20. Had a mate at work just dump his order on the STR and get a Daytona 675…
    The reason, suddenly it is a lat Jan arrival.