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Featured Street Triple R, Shiver 750, Z800 or something else?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ldticp, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    After 4 years away from biking am looking to get back in (had to sell the last one due to relocation from the UK) I had a Kawasaki Er6F as my 1st bike so am looking for the next step up this time.

    Looking at reviews and pictures the stand out machines at mid range seem to be the 3 listed above, does anyone have any thoughts or advice or any suggestions on what else may suit? I don't want to go over $15k but also I don't want to buy something that 2 years from now I'm wishing I spent a bit more.

    Will be occasional city commute but looking to get out on the weekends mostly
  2. Get a 2nd hand z1000 or speed triple . Too much power is always better than not enough
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  3. Daytona 675R - varoom.
  4. G'day and welcome mate. As a Shiver owner I'm biased but they are a great, sexy bike. Always puts a smile on my face.

    But go test ride them all and see what floats your boat!
  5. MT09, either pocket the change or spend it on suspension. Don't forget the pipe, it's against the law to let that glorious howl be silenced (or at least it should be).

    Of the options you name, I'd avoid the Z800 (only because you're probably better off getting a used Z1000 - no heavier, but with better motor and brakes). At least with the Street Triple, it's lighter and more nimble than the 1050 so it's objectively a better choice if you're not concerned with outright grunt. Shiver looks nice and sounds great and has the advantage of not suffering from 'bigger brother syndrome', but hasn't exactly set the class alight.

    The Trumpy would be my pick, but test ride all of them and see what you like.
  6. MT09 seems to be a bike you should also consider from all that I've read.
  7. I'm looking at these same bikes post LAMS too. My brother has a new Striple R so I can't get that......

    I'm only throwing a leg over each bike and looking at riding positions so far as I'm not allowed to ride them yet, but jeepers that MT-09 is light with a nice riding position.

    The Z1000 seems a better choice than the Z800 due to being lighter and having more power.

    At the present I'd grab an MT-09 and splash on new suspension and exhaust.......but again, I've not ridden any apart from in my dreams.
  8. I'm in the market for a new bike too. Tossing up between a few mid-size bikes as well. Love the street triple r, but also love the way the daytona looks. Has anyone spent much time on both and have a preference?
  9. Thanks everyone great advice... I'll add the MT09 in as one to test ride as well :)
  10. Let us know how the test rides will go. I am particularly interested in a Shiver as it's one of my primary candidates for a post P-plate bike.
  11. Street Triple I found uncomfortable, Z800 and MT09 I found a bit top heavy for me, the Shiver I bought. Although I have a lemon, the Shiver is a great bike and cheaper insurance as well. Although she is a hungry bike and needs feeding a lot.
  12. That's a right wrist issue.......

    I bought the Shiver over the Triple as I liked the more upright position on the Shiver better; never quite felt right on the Triple.

    Cannot comment on the MT-09 but it seems to be getting good reports.

    Have you thought about some thing from MV ? This should be in your price range - http://mvagusta.com.au/brutale-675/ the 800 version may be as well.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  14. Z1k

    I love mine!

    They are a great all-rounder :)
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  15. I've just moved to a new Street Triple R from the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 (faired version of the z1000sx).

    I owned an 08 Street Triple (non R) before and was a bit dubious about going back to a bike that I already owned once.

    I made the right choice though. It's great being on a Street Triple again - there is so much agility in that bike. The engine (even though slightly overshadowed by the new MT09 triple engine) is still brilliant.

    My reason for changing bikes was that I mainly doing urban riding, which the Street is great for.

    There are loads of vids on you tube with mid range naked bike shootouts. The Street still seems to win most of them but the other bikes are never that far behind.
  16. That's kind of a bummer. So how hungry are we talking about? What's your average km per tank(and for that matter, what's the tank size)?
  17. Ah it's not bad, I run at around 4L/100km and that's weekend riding. Tank is 15L so in theory over 300km range, although you'd have to be brave to try that as the Shiv is an old lady and the reserve light comes on at around the 200km mark lol. Got up to 255km on a tank before refilling, and only put 11L in...
  18. I've only ever got 160 max 180 before the fuel light comes on.
  19. As a rider who has just gotten of the red p's a couple of weeks ago I went and got an 08 Street Triple after riding at 250.

    I am loving it. I have so much more power from low down but I do find first gear a little twitchy which could just be me ;)
  20. Again it is a right wrist issue, riding in traffic in Sports mode with a liberal interpretation of the road rules and fuel light will come on at around 180km. Needs 10-11 liters then. In touring mode on the weekend fuel light is more likely to be on At 220-240 and again 11 liters in.

    It has a count up after the light comes on and I regularly let mine get to 20-30 km before topping up.

    Last word- go and ride them all if you can.pick the one that has you grinning like an idiot.

    Cheers Jem