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Street triple R or Speed triple?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mooseman, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Hi guys I'm looking at buying a street triple r, but then i looked at a few speed triples just a few years older and a few more kms on them for the same price. I like how the speed triple is a bit meatier. But I don't know how many kms is too much for this bike?
    I don't wanna buy the wrong bike and regret it so i'm at a loss.?

  2. I was riding Irena's Street Triple R at a track today.

    Absolutely faultless, and top speed on the back straight was only about 10kmph down on my gixxer 1000.
  3. Get the R, brakes are a little better and suspension is better. Far cheaper to buy an R than throw lots of money to get one up to at least R spec.
  4. If I were tossing up between those two I would go the street triple r. That motor has more than enough power to pull a fat bastard like me around, and the upgraded suspension and brakes would be worth it.

    BUT if you want to do much 2-up riding, or if you feel more comfortable on the bigger bike, go for it. You can't really go wrong with either bike, so weigh up what is more important to you - larger size & motor, or better brakes & suspension - and go for it. Just don't buy the speedy then start riding your mates StripleR or vice versa!
  5. Don't make my mistake. Don't buy the std. You'll only make yourself spend thousands on suspension upgrades and still have ordinary brakes!

    A street triple R will be leaps and bounds above a mid 2000's Speed triple in handling and ability as well.
  6. Go for the fastest one and ride around the deficiencies,ohlins and shit are for blokes who cant ride.
  7. Thanks guys, sounds like the street triple r is the way to go. The only other thing is someone mentiond to me that maby the larger bike would be better for longer rides? Because of the weight? Seems insignificant to the brakes and handling though.
  8. Others may disagree but if you're planning a lot of long riding a street fighter may not be the best bet. I have hear many a person talk about the buffeting that comes with not having any fairing or windshield.
  9. I have a '12 Street triple R. In terms of wind protection, there isn't any. I have the Triumph screen too and let me tell you, it's only for looks.

    at 110km/h + the wind is seriously trying to throw you off the back. It's certainly a great town bike though.
  10. Street Triple is a great bike. I'm 6'2" and found it a little cramped so went with the 2011 Speedie, which is apparently a sharper handling bike than previous incarnations.

    Regardless, the Speedie is more of a blunt instrument than the Street Triple. It's all about the meaty 1050 triple motor's ability to bring out your inner hooligan.

    I haven't ridden the Street Triple other than communiting on a loan bike, but it is certainly more nimble and rev happy than the S3.

    Ride them both, as they are quite different in character.
  11. Blab I know you're only stirring (or at least I hope you are), but telling everyone that any bike that isn't yours is shit is unhelpful to the the large number of new riders on this forum, as well as a little tiresome.

    Perhaps you can give us your recommendations on a naked bike? And before you say that nakeds aren't real bikes, please bear in mind that some people use their bikes as every day transport as well as mountain scratching, and nakeds offer a more practical riding postion.

    If you have something to offer other than satire and sarcasm I'd love to hear it, because I suspect you are actually quite knowledgeable.
  12. I did have a longer post typed up but good old IE at work had a fail. I think I'm probably one of the best qualified to post here, rather than the here-say from others.

    I have owned the following bikes:
    10 Street Triple
    09 Street Triple R
    and now a 12 Speed Triple.

    I also regularly rode/ride an 09 Speed Triple.

    To be honest, dont even bother with the 10 and earlier Speed Triple, even the standard Street is a much better ride.

    The 11/12 Speed Triple is a whole new model, handles like a dream compared to the earlier Speeds, but still not as nimble as the Street.

    If you are only going to have 1 bike, go the Street Triple R, its probably THE best all round bike available at the moment, they can do it all, and do it well. Track days, commute, cruise, twistys.

    Currently I ride the 12 Speed, its a great bike, but to be honest if I didn't have my gixxer 600 track bike I would still be on a Street Triple R, they're that good.
    I only went the big bike as I wanted lazy power and torque for something different, plus I got a great deal on a brand new one.

    Oh and yes the Speedy may have been known as a hooligan bike, but the Street is better at one wheel antics, whether it be front or rear, I had +2 rear sprocket on my Street R, and could clutch up wheelies in 4th no worries, the Street also shifts nicer.
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