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Street triple R or not...?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ngalbrai, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Test rode the striple r a couple weeks ago, read somewhere that there are more differences than just brakes and suspension between this and the standard striple, that there are some geometry differences and the standard is slightly lower. Can anyone comment on this - never occured to me to try the non r version.

  2. Its not a lower bike as such, it just happens that the Standard is lower due to the shock being 10mm shorter, this obviously slighty changes the geometry around the head angel etc also.

    The seat height difference would be a few mm, I couldnt tell the difference between my Street then Street R, but im 6" so I guess throwing a leg over either was easy, if its touch and go the few mm difference might be enough. Having said that if you have the money you're be better off with the R and lowering it properly as the brakes are much nicer on the R and they come with black forks not 90s gold finish.
  3. Seat height is not really noticeable, only 5-10mm I think?

    Think the seat is different, mounting point for bars/forks is different (just looks a bit better), color options if it matters to you and of course the brakes and suspension.

    IMO it is worth the extra for the suspension alone, brakes and all the other bits are just bonus items.
  4. The salesman I spoke to has been riding the demo R for 3 months, he suggested save the extra money and buy a garden variety.
  5. salesman is obviously a slow rider.

    theres no comparison, get the bike with real suspension and brakes.
  6. Yep! Sounds like he's in the wrong industry
  7. Right on the money ...

    suspension and brakes.
  8. probably p.s finest...

    -get the r
  9. When the Street Triple first came out a magazine did a Nurburgring test and it cut a lap time only 2 seconds slower than the GSXR600. It was faster than the Speed Triple. That said, the price difference is around $1500 (I think), and if I had the option back in 2008 to get the R version, I would have.
  10. Well everyone is entitled to an opinion. He said he's never had the need or reason to use the adjusters on the suspension and the brakes on the standard are more than adequate for road riding in his opinion.
    Mind you, he had a couple R's to sell me and I think one standard.
  11. If youre in Melbourne and keen on triples, try and organise a test ride of the Benelli CR 899.

    For similar money it's worth looking at.

    I test rode a good range of bikes and the Century Racer just connected with me.
  12. so he has two r's and is still trying to sell you the standard?
  13. Sounds like he's retarded! You'd only get the standard if you got one before the R came out, or you were stretching the budget to get the standard, if you can afford the R you would be mental not to get it
  14. I find the standard brakes are adequate for me >most< of the time on the street, definitely wish I had better ones now that I'm doing track days though.

    The std suspension is just shite though. Forks are way too soft, bottom out with moderate to heavy braking, mechanically bottom out (clunk) on driveway entrance type bumps, shitty rebound damping. The shock is spongy and vague yet manages to give you permanent back damage from the slightest pothole (bad high-speed damping).

    I ended up having to spend a fairly large sum of money to get it handling closer to what I want.. and I'm still stuck with the average brakes. Get the R.

    As to your specific question, I now have a daytona shock (which I ended up getting resprung+revalved anyway, this whole thing was an expensive lesson..) on the back which raises the rear by about 35mm I believe. The steering is a bit sharper but it's nothing major.
  15. Track days? R.
    City riding? Standard. Save 2 grands for comprehensive insurance.
  16. 2 grand??? WTF?
  17. agree WTF it was a few hundred dollars when I got mine. no brainer really.
  18. Insurance is well under $1k for me as well...

    And yeah, think the R vs standard was only $500-600 difference.
  19. I paid around $600 for full comp on my R model!