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Street Triple R Logging In

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BMWRX, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Hi all. I've been meaning to get onto this forum for a couple years but for some reason didn't get around to it. Now that I'm here, I can see what I've been missing out on.

    From Brisbane, I've been riding for two years and have had my Street Triple R for just over a year and absolutely love it. I've tested a few other bikes recently and none of them can match it for sound, handling, and pure fun factor.

    I've been an active member of a number of car forums in Australia, so I'm looking forward to Netrider becoming another regular haunt of mine. Safe riding!
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  2. Hello and welcome to NR BMWRXBMWRX. Excellent bike, hope to see it in Showcase soon :) Enjoy all the fun on here and ride safe
  3. Welcome.

    For those who aren't aware, BMWRXBMWRX is one of my older brothers. He got me into riding on the streets, so I blame him for any ensuing arguments I will no doubt have with my wife in the future over upgrading to a bigger bike.

    He wanted to sell me his Str3R when I upgrade and get something else, but I'm starting to think from the post above that he'll keep it, and I'll need to source a newer ride.

    Oh well, wasn't looking forward to replacing the headlights anyway... :p
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  4. I've still got four months to find something better...cough...S1000R...cough...
  5. Welcome mate. And what Bavarian do you drive?
  6. Thanks chillibutton. I've got a 135i with plenty of bits added to it to make it a heck of a lot more fun. I had a MY05 WRX prior to that; hence the username, which was a handy segue to cover forum memberships in both camps.
  7. Haha nice, I know that motor well, I had a tweaked 335i for 5 yrs. Gotta love 3L twin turbo... (Mine was the original N54).
  8. So what happens to your usernames if/when you get that CLA45?
  9. So is mine. None of this fancy pants twin scroll guff (although I'm looking at a CLA45, so might have to change my mind on that technology).

    The 335i is a heck of a car. Plug a JB4 or Cobb into it and it's quicker in a straight line than an M3 with just as many luxuries.

    Not sure. I'm BMWRX on a few forums and haven't made too big of an idiot of myself in them so there's no real need to change or hide from it.
  10. Yeah I had the Procede V5 - put out around 270-280kW and 500Nm. Keeping traction was the biggest issue lol....
  11. I had a Procede in originally. I got terrible post sales service when the engine started playing up with it installed. So, took it out and sold it...to a guy whose engine blew up shortly afterwards, so dodged a bullet there. The JB4 is less savage but just as powerful and the support from the supplier in brilliant.
  12. :nailbiting: yikes that would suck. Mine was second hand as well, but worked beautifully all the time, never an issue. Funny how these things work huh?
  13. Welcome aboard. The Street Triples are fun bikes. Where are the pics?
  14. Howdy & Welcome to NR!