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Street Triple R, 2013 vs 2016?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by kb1200, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Finally a good time to get off the Spada after 3 years and upgrade. I've made up my mind on a Street Triple R, however I can't seem to figure out the difference in year versions of the R from 2013 to 2016. I ask since there are quite a few 2013 models on the market and the price between it and the 2016 aren't that different. I also haven't seen any 2014 ones and a few 2015 ones, all around the same price.

    I've looked everywhere for reviews that tell me the difference but I can't find any. The reviews of the 2016 say it has a taller first gear, which I like, but is this taller first gear present on the 2013 as well? Is ABS standard on the R versions from 2013 and up?

    Also is there anything I should look out for when getting this bike?
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  3. Good point. REVIEW: 2016 Triumph Street Triple R - fast bike fun

    This review seems to show a slightly different top speed in first gear not that it would really matter. Everything else looks the same. The Triumph website is usually pretty good at showing the old and new models (the Tiger of instance) but there isn't any info on the street triple. I think it would be a safe bet to say that they are the same.
  4. My mate who runs a 2010 STR reckons they ruined the model when they went to the longer first gear (not sure which year that was). Lost a lot of the fun factor, although some of that may be also due to changes in the fuel mapping.
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    Yeah the later model is a little less wheelie happy with the gearing change, better throttle response and the round to bug eye headlights, ABS is standard.

    The next release is rumored to be a 765cc, no official word yet.
  6. I dunno the exact date of the change, but the later models had some kind of "security" checksum added to the ECU programming, which stops (or was intended to stop) the ease with which the mapping, and various other details could be changed.

    My early model Striple, with an appropriate cable, was easily modified by some software on my laptop, but the powers that be didn't like that so there was more security added to try and stop this.
  7. 2012 had old rear subframe but new headlights. still can tune ECU
    2013, new rear subframe and ECU (no tune), longer 1st gear.
    ABS swap happened in 2013, but plenty of bugeyes around with no ABS

    current prices on Bikesales as of a couple of days ago. seem to lose about $830 a year on average.. 2010's seem to hold a little more value. maybe because of colours 8the grey/yellow, and gloss black) and many of them have more mods (better value)

    2016 models are available rideaway at $14.5k, so there7s about a 1K drop riding it out of showroom, but most late model used have around 5-10Kkm already, so that's where the $1000 goes
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