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Street Triple R 2010 Lovin it!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by kenny83, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Got my Street Triple R a few weeks back finally got round to taking some decent photos of it.

    Its my daily do it all bike and im lovin it. Its comfortable and upright, handles so well and loads of grunt.

    Planning 3 to 1 exhaust...possibly arrows \\:D/

  2. Niiiice Ken!
    The slip on is going to look great on it!
    Any other 'mods' in the pipeline?
    Still waiting to get my Z750 back... In the meantime I ended up getting all my new gear from RidersDiscount, should arrive this week.

  3. Matte grey has to be my favourite colour.

    I got a standard 2010 triple and I've never had so much fun.
  4. I wanted the Orange but got Matte Grey as there was a second hand bike a/v. Nice work Ken!
  5. Thats Hot!!
  6. Planning to get a full 3 -1 exhaust system, saves weight and less heat on my ass.

    Just put on the moulded visor to the flyscreen, probably order a protection kit later other than that i think shes good.

    Hopefully we'll see you back on the road soon on your Z750 with all your brand spanking new gear :angel:

    riderdiscount is great to deal with, ordered from them so many times already. hope you negotiated some nice discounts.
  7. I think the Street Triple's are growing on me I'm starting to like them more and more
  8. nice wheels, well done!
  9. (y) HOT bike & Hot Color! Check my signature. Possibly my next bike. :D
  10. Love it.....ahhhhhhh - one day (y) Triumphs are just so Triumph.....man that's hot