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Street Triple - How much did you pay?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Julien, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Hey guys

    I though I'd start this thread to monitor prices on the very popular Street Triple.

    How much did you guys pay for new/used, dealer/private?


  2. New from AJ's Motorcycles in Shepparton - $11 990 in January last year (I rode home on a Vic day permit they didn't charge me for either and did the NSW rego myself). They had initially quoted about $12 800 ride away with Vic rego.

    They still had a new green one (not the R) on the floor when I was there about three weeks ago. There's no green for next year, BTW.

    Sold it for 9 grand with 16 000 km a few months back now after having it advertised for some time.
  3. $13650 in Feb 08.
  4. Guys

    I was told by a well known national dealership that the current cash you would get for the trade-in of an 2008 Street Triple with less than 7.000ks on the clock is around $9,000.

    How much do you reckon the dealership would expecct to make out of that as a bare minimum?

  5. They'd have to add 10% GST - $900 in that case straight off before they even make anything. This is something that's easy to forget when comparing used dealer bikes and private sales.
  6. $13500 for a new standard Street Triple on the road with 12 months rego, last week.

    They won't bargain much and there isn't much floor stock around. They did tell me that 3 out of 4 people who test ride them, buy them. That might be the usual salesperson bullshit but either way they do seem to be a popular bike (and with good reason).
  7. Pay cash :-$
  8. They are so nice to ride i could believe that ....

    then the other 25% of people , I think possibly half that buy the big brother.. the speed triple... (second hand the price is close to the street R)
  9. The test ride sold me totally. I was looking for something much different and bigger and took it for a spin because they were just landed in the country and there was a lot of talk, but sometimes a bike is just that good.
  10. $18k ride away for a graphite R with arrow 3-1, flyscreen, bellypan, hugger and oggy knobs all fitted and 6 months rego. This is in Adelaide however, where we have 1 Triumph dealer and no real options. 0 movement on base bike price available ($15,300 ride away) and 10-15% off accessories.

    Saw the order list on their computers and half the current boat load was sold already with 30 + days left till delivery. I've got 2-3 weeks left till I get mine. If your in the market for one, I hope you've ordered already!

    Didn't even get to test ride one as Adelaide has no demos available. Not that I care much!
  11. $12000.00 was a 08 model with 2900 on the clock with a full years rego and heaps of extras. got it 4 weeks ago.
  12. Anyone have any views on Speed Triple pricing?

    Located in Melbourne - Peter Stevens quoting 17990 ride away.
  13. there is another thread in here , where a fellow talked about his attempts to deal on triumph.

    here is the thread


    check it out ... arsixx felt the best stock price would be $17500.

    he bargained on the accesss to get them down a fair bit..

  14. As mentioned earlier, try AJ's in Shep...
    I was quoted $700 cheaper ride away than Stevo's for a street, plus they could pick it up from Melbourne, take it to shepparton, get it road ready, fit the extras and have it delivered to my house quicker than stevo's could get it to their workshop.....no contest really.....
  15. $15100 for a brand new 09 street triple (white) with belly pan, rear seat cowl, cf tank cover, flyscreen + visor kit and 12 months rego @ bikebiz parra this October.