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Street Triple Givi Top Box (Moved from General to appropriate forum)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Zeiss, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Hi - I post this cause I was interested in getting one, I got one, and had a biatch of a time installing the prick of a thing, so I thought i would share the experience in case someone else does the same.

    First - I had the top box from a previous bike, so wanted to use it again, but dam the brackets cost over $200 AUS..., anyway, I bought it.

    Second - the instructions were rubbish (total crap!), and after a few hours i finally worked it out, only to have to remove it all again to put the brake light plastic back on (instructions failed to mention that bit!!).

    Anyway - if you do this, do it like this:

    Remove side panels and light panel at rear, as well as the first screw underneath (pillion pegs attachment bit). This is hard to find, as it doesn't show it clearly in the instructions, but it is right underneath, and is the bolt that attaches the pillion pegs assemble. The rear of the brackets attach to this.
    Put the holders on (don't tighten!!) (don't loosen silencers, not really necessary)
    Put the Rear light panel back in place, but not screwed down (IMPORTANT!!)
    Put the brackets on, tighten everything, put the side panels back on, assemble the rear light plastic and side panels, tighten fully.
    NOW - attach the mounting plate.

    This won't make a lot of sense unless you are looking at the instructions as well, but if I had these little tips above I could have done this in 1 hour instead of xx (I'm not saying how long it took me cause its a little embarrassing!!). Good luck.

    FYI - I nearly bought the Ducati, if this is what Italian stuff is like, that f*$k I bought the Street Triple R!!
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    .....and the pics?