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Street Triple Gel Seat

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Julien, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Hey guys

    Is the gel seat much more confortable that the OEM seat on the Street Triple?

    Anyone has any feedback on the gel seat?

    If you had the choice to get a gel seat for the same price as an OEM seat, would you go for it?

  2. I try to keep gel away from my seat.
  3. Can't speak from experience but I hear they are meant to be pretty good. I was told they may help with height issues (they have a slightly thinner one and standard gel for the daytona), I tried them, no difference that I could tell.

    I believe they are only good on long runs...

    The Striple is damn comfy anyway, how long have you been riding it and what's your standard long trip distance?
  4. I have the gel seat on the Daytona and I *think* it feels more comfortable than the standard seat - but I have only tried the std seat for a little bit.

    As Brownyy is hinting...getting your riding fitness up by simply getting used to the bike and used to doing decent distances might do more for you than a gel seat, but everything helps. I'm glad I have one.
  5. they also increase the seat height a little ... so if its a stretch already ... beware
  6. I hear it's better. especially on the longer hauls. The stock one has what feels like a lip around the edge that grows teeth after a couple of hours if you're not moving around. For the same price I'd get the gel, which has to be better given the ordinariness of the stocker. Sounds like there's nothing to lose at the worst.

    There was a recall on an early run of seats, but not mine, though I wonder if I had one of the duds.
  7. I had a gel insert fitted to my Pantah seat when it was reupholstered,be aware that if the gel is close to the surface of the seat it really gets very hot if the bike is in the sun and holds that heat for a very very long time,works the opposite in cold weather,I now have a sheep skin over it to insulate it.I am talking extreme pain type heat,I wouldn't do it again.
  8. 'rode a mates modded Thuxton with Gel seat,FKN BEAUTIFULL
    compared to the std item