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Street Triple - Flyscreen/visor or not?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by spawn, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I picked up in ST R last week. I have the flyscreen and visor on order (already paid for) but it hasn't arrived yet. I have been riding without it and honestly I'm thinking of canceling the order and using the credit against, maybe, some arrow slip-ons or leathers.

    Went on the ride on Sunday and didn't have any issues with wind at all. I also thinking the bike looks a lot better without the flyscreen/visor - basically as it was intended - a naked bike!

    What do you think?
  2. I can vouch for the fact that if you ride alot on freeways, 120kph plus, you may need them,

    But for around town, hell no... naked all the way ?!!

    Hell buy the slip ons, they would be the best mod so far ive done to mine...

    They get noticed, and have been a bit of a talking point of late..

  3. NO!!!!!!!1

    its a naked. Keep it as naked as possible.

    Infact take off any unncessary plastic bits :p

    I used to love the flyscreen on the street and speed triples. Not anymore. It has to be naked naked :p

    its not that hard on the back withuot a fly screen. Just hunch over a bit more and take it like a man :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  4. Screens on naked bikes are offensive, effeminate, unnecessary, ugly and inexcusable. Spend the money on wheelies.
  5. Thanks for the input :) Naked wins! :twisted:
  6. Id spend it on belly-pan & Arrow cans if i have a ST.

    If youre doing lots of fway-ing then i dont think youd buy a mid-size naked bike in the first place - keep it nekkid ! :)
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  7. I've always thought the belly pan and the fly screen really set the bike off. They just add that extra something special. IMO, without those, the bike looks just a little unfinished.
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  8. At the least get the fly screen, it will help to hide the dodgy routing of the wiring loom to the instrument cluster...I dunno how trumiph got the rest of the bike so right but then tacked the loom on like that...it sticks out like dogs balls when everything else is so well integrated.


    oh and get the arrow pipes anyway...they sound awesome! :grin:
  9. Fair enough. I have gone ahead and canceled the order so I have a credit with PS now. I'll have to find $1k extra though for the arrows. (Im accepting donations ;) )
  10. you too???, I need a powercommander V and a motohooligan airbox myself :LOL:
  11. Well after a few weeks of pure nakedness I've reinstated the order for the flyscreen/visor reason being wind noise/resistance when cruising at speed on freeways, especially if there's even a slight headwind. It's one of those things, you don't need it most of the time, but when you do you miss it.

    At least it's not really a permanent fixture on the bike and can be taken off if necessary...
  12. The $300 or so they are asking for Triumph original flyscreens is ludicrous. I'd say go naked.
  13. Marc, you already know how I voted. Not too sure about how much difference it makes wind wise, but it looks soooo much better IMHO.
  14. BAH...screens are for pussies!!!

    I demand you hand over your bike to me for safe keeping until you HTFU :p :grin:
  15. im doubting the effectiveness of that small add-ons

    how fast are u on the f'way? ive ridden a naked bike before and it only gets strong at 140kph
  16. Well they don't look too bad and I've already paid for it (as part of the deal).


    Damit I have a hard time making decisions and sticking to them :LOL:
  17. There is an alternative, a "sculptured visor" I believe it's called. Sits atop the standard flyscreen. It looks alright.
  18. I don't think it fits the R version for some reason. Was going to get the smaller visor for mine but apparently didnt fit or not compatible
  19. Looks ok-ish, although I prefer naked. I got a flyscreen when I bought my bike, also as part of the deal, but dont use it. Just got it just to have it, to "go" with the bike.
    It may even be good from a resale point of view, if you can advertise with a list of extra's thrown in, whether it's fitted or not.
  20. +10000000000000000

    i bought a flyscreen, used it once in 2007 and never used it again cause it a) did fcuk all and b) looked like shit