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Street Triple Exhaust: HP Corse Hydroform - anybody got one?

Discussion in 'Naked' started by logularjason, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. I've been hunting around for an after-market exhaust for my Street Triple 660. Objectives are:

    * Better sound - a little more presence on the streets
    * Not uncomfortably loud or antisocial
    * Looks good
    * Lighter than stock

    I liked the short ones, but on researching them, many report them as being too loud:

    * Zard
    * Remus
    * Competition Werkes
    * Leo Vince
    * Two brothers
    * GPR
    * SC projects
    * Scorpion

    I think the HP Corse Hydroform is my best option because it looks great on the bike, has a nice note, and I cannot find bad reports about loudness.

    I am wavering because I have read that there is a small but noticeable loss of power low down. The 660 LAMS bike is locked so that I cannot apply another map. The service guy at Peter Stevens Melb also confirmed this.

    Does anybody have experience with these? I would love to come and see one in Melbourne...
  2. That looks lovely... Its an underpowered lams bike so any loss will be negligible... It's not as if you'll be doing quarter miles on it or anything, and that exhaust looks far and away better than the stock one. I reckon just get it, if you're that bothered at the end of lams period just upgrade to the 675... You can probably put that exhaust straight on the 675 anyway?
  3. Thanks Steve. Regarding the underpowered thing, I ride it like it's stolen and I love the low down torque. Because it's restricted, I am hesitant to lose more. Keen to know whether it is really noticeable, esp when it is much lighter than stock.
  4. Just drill the baffle out of the stock exhaust if you want it louder. Again though, I guess it's designed with the flow and back pressure of the stock exhaust and changing it whilst being forced to keep current map is what is causing the power loss problems you've heard about. Carb lams bikes are much easier to mess with, mechanical injection is no problem to adjust. I normally love technology but this time its making it harder and more expensive to cheat :p
  5. Also once you've drilled the baffle out it may be hard to put it back in if you don't like the power loss/sound... Exhausts for my old bike are a dime a dozen from China, and even after market ones aren't TOO expensive, so I had no qualms drilling around the baffle and ripping it out. Its only a 400 but now it absolutely screams in the upper rpm range, and after my mechanic tuned the carbies it runs better than it ever has since I've owned it.
  6. One thing i can say on this topic is be careful. I literally just bought a 2016 Street triple 660 and was also shopping around for a alternate exhaust. A lot of places have told me it'll take it out of the lams bracket and thats also been backed up by others online. Just double check with authorities or others to determine whether it could cause problems down the track. Ive put the exhaust job off for a bit to see whether i like the stock triple sound. Obviously with a lighter exhaust and often causing a slight increase in Hp it can disrupt that Power to weight ratio and if you come across a cop who's having a bad day then he will pull you up on that. Theres some laws about it or something that someone tagged in my other post. Maybe look my thread up and take a look at some of the replies.
    But i get it, i want an exhaust so bad
    Hope this helps
  7. Thanks. Messing with tail tidies, decibels, lumens, pinlocks, and lane filtering in VIC are all frought too. Seems like I cannot even remove my pillion pegs or change mirrors without legal repercussions...

    I think most of us scoot between cars and dart off from the lights a little quick. I think in this context, its not a big deal. I'm generally polite to the coppers and they have been nice back to me so far. I would be ok to risk it.
  8. ...and the hydroform follows the line of the bike well. I reckon it would not stick out as after-market?