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Street Triple 800

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by philfromaccounting, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. Morning gang, new street triple!

    Street Triple 800 on the way | MCN

    I've liked the idea of the street triple but have ruled it out on aesthetic grounds, I'm not a fan of the naked twin headlight look. The semi-faired version however looks to be exactly the bike I'd want. I think the 800cc mark is perfect as well for a sporty sports tourer around the 200kg mark.
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  2. Looks pretty sweet.. will need to wait for more pics.
  3. Awwwwww yeah. Now we're talking.

    My brother has a str3r which I'd love as well but obviously need a faster bike....being competitive brothers etc. :)

    I like the semi faired version.
  4. Such a tease.... when, where and price?
  5. On second consideration I'd probably have that 1200 thruxton in the last photo.
  6. That'd be right. I've been after Triumph to make a successor to the old Sprint RS for years now. When they brought out the Tiger 800 I tested it and thought - hey, this has a lot of potential to be a great basis for a set of models - stick a set of road forks on this and a half fairing and you've got yourself a good sports tourer (not a fan of the adventure tourer riding position)...and so I waited...and waited...and finally gave up and went and got myself a VFR800 (which I am extremely happy with)...

    and of course now they may be bringing out the exact bike I wanted all those years ago!
  7. Finally! A sport touring bike I actually want. Light with lots of gizmos and a fun engine. I'm surprised its actually taken this long to put all this into a light, sporty package. Definitely in the number one slot for my next bike unless its not released by the time I get my unrestricted license.
  8. so, to not start another thread...

    after checking out the 675R at dealer last weekend (and thinking early next year to buy).. tonight the Street Triple has disappeared from Triumph Aus website? (still on NZ, US, UK only has standard version)
    not only 675 R is gone, but 660 is gone from Aus site too...

    ie Triumph Motorcycles - Devoted to Riding | Triumph Motorcycles is no longer active (redirects to main page.. 2015 link gives error)

    so... does that mean the 800 is on the way?
    2016 Triumph Street Triple to be an 800 (similar to the MCN link)

    better to grab a 675R now.. or wait for 800 RT/RS? hmmm
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  10. Nope, I can view the page just fine.

    edit, oh wait disregard that, missed that the striple wasn't on the list.
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  11. The RT will be top of my test list when I'm unrestricted mid next year, speculation from a dealer was late 2016 but who knows, bit sus the 675 has disappeared from site.
  12. Maybe they're just really crap at IT and web page management :)
  13. There's definitely a lack of street triple on their website.

    MCN seems to suggest it's still over a year away though...
  14. Ya jizzed to early boys look again.
  15. on the upside, they've finally sync'd their site to other world triumph ones :D

    and the 675R will be available for another year (2016 site) ;) good enough for me
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  16. Excellent. There's a Daytona-shaped hole in my garage. ;) Could be sorely tempted by a STR 800 though...
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  17. I can definitely see see a Striple 800 in my garage in the future. When I was upgrading from LAMs the Striple R was at the top of my list, but the torque of the Ninja 1000 was just too good to pass on. An 800 with the same handling and similar dimensions to the 675 (plus all the gadgets) would be an easy win for me.