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Street triple 695, aprilia shiver 750 or ducati s2r 1000???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by kursed, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. I have narrowed it down to probably these 3 naked bikes, I am interested to hear who would choose what and why, and if any of you have actually been in my situation and bought one, what was the determining factors?

    I am after a manouverable, responsive, fun and funky looking daily ride for a short blat through some shithouse syd traffic (15 mins each way max) and then every weekend it will be up for a thrashing up n down the usual nsw scratching roads... so it has to be stable on turn in, hold its line and offer some comfort in riding position.

    not decided on new or used models, depends on price really. the street and shiver I can get new, the duc is too pricey brand new for my budget.

    Would be nice to have some adjustability and servicing and parts at a reasonable price point (not sure about aprilias or ducs) either factory of aftermart. I have about 15k. If you think theres a model I am missing in my consideration let me know too (no hondas, yammies or kwakas, I have already ruled their current naked models out)...

    Cheers guys and girls
  2. don't wanna be picky

    street triple 675 ;)
    If i was in your position (with 15k) i say S2R 800 or 1000 or a Buell XB9S ;)
  3. Street Triple. Or the R version when it gets released.
  4. Have ridden a Shiver and a heap of fun, make a great commuter - has three riding modes and at least try for a ride on one :cool:

    Also rode a S2R 800, not as long a ride - with heaps of traffic, still responsive enough, and less cluttered look with just an oil cooler and IMHO much better looking :cool: $15K would get you a pretty new one. Price for servicing shouldn't be too bad, as no fairing to remove and two less valves - try and find an independant shop for a quote

    Here's an 07 at Northside Artarmon with pipes and 3,700kms

    Sorry saw you wanted a 1000 :oops:
  5. i've cancelled my insurance because my aprilia has been on the road for two weeks in the past seven months. the remainder spent in the shop waiting for parts

    don't buy that particular pretty little italian.

    good luck with the search buddy

    i'm thinking about a buell for my next bike, anyone offer advice on living with them, and availability of parts?
  6. I am bias, but I have to say Street Triple. I was looking at the same market as well. My reasoning was this:
    I am a short as% so it had to have a low enough seat height. Duc and ST3 were lot better than the shiver. Power, ST3 and Duc are a lot better than the Shiver. Ah I was also looking at the Buell. Power and looks were thumbs up for the Buell too. I dropped the Duc for cost and servicing and I know this will sound stupid, but I liked the S4 better and if I could have the S4, I didn't want the S2.
    So, it was between the Buell and the ST3. Again, this will may seem stupid for some people, but coming from a GS500F I really wanted a sexy looking dash with all the bells and whistles. If you not familiar with the GS500F in one word..old. And that is where Buell dropped the ball for me. Such a sexy bike but a sh%t of a dash. So to summarize it. The ST3 has looks, power, nimbleness, economical, great dash and I think it will be or already is a cult bike that will hold it's value a bit better.

    I hope this helped a bit.
  7. Street Triple would be first choice if buying a naked mid size bike. If you don't mind the wait that is.
  8. Wait shouldn't be too bad. Triumph australia just received 12 containers full of bikes. I know cause mine is still there. Triumph now upped the production to meet demand, so it shouldn't be months wait.
  9. If you are just looking at the specs:

    Features-wise the Ducati is the best of the 3. Expensive shocks, bremo brakes, wheels, fancy engine. bling all over it etc.

    Buell has fully adjustable showa shocks, giant 6 pot front brakes, lots of weird tech with the chassis.

    Shiver has some of that bling too. Fancy engine with different settings, ride-by-wire thing, hydraulic clutch, pretty good shocks and brakes.

    They all have a lot of really swish "luxury" stuff.

    This is why they are more expensive than the Street Triple which is like a Daytona 675 with a lot of the expensive bits taken off.

    If you don't need 4 pot front brakes and fully adjustable suspension and stuff like that, the Street Triple is good. You can basically save your money on the bike and spend it on the cosmetic accessories.
    Where did you hear this - from your dealer?
  11. Yeah, I keep calling them every 2 days. About 30 min he said they received 77 streets from that shipment.
  12. mate... i thought i had you converted!! :wink:

    wait till you ride my new one! could win you yet. dont know why you dont look at the one i texted you! top bike.

    outa those.. the shiver first. bit more exclusive(i can get you a top deal too)

    the s2r is awesome. like the swing arm set etc. good package.

    teh 675 is a real nice bike for sure. (can maybe sort some deal on that - not as much as they are hard to get)
  13. I wouldn't say converted, but definitely interested.
    I would love to ride your newbie, gimme a call when your free and we'll hook up - I still gotta get my jumper off you too! lol I forgot all about it.

    shivers mech / parts support worries me abit though...
  14. oh and I rang northside (triumph dealers) they said every street triple that arrived in the containers are already sold so there is still the long wait on the 675 :(

    They said they are also expecting the new street R model to be in syd by the end of the year at about $1500 more than the current street model.
  15. Striple. And I wouldn't bother with the R, you'll probably find the standard gear delivers better ride comfort and is up for plenty of shenanigans. Forks you can stiffen up with oil if you feel you need it on a racetrack, and brakes are likely a simple bolt-on upgrade from the wreckers if you don't think they deliver.
  16. kursed... from what i know, they expect a price increase on the 675 anyway.

    as for the parts etc on aprilia... who gives a fuk really. internet can get you all you need quick. hell buell dont have a lot of support, but no worries. it has a lot more style and character than most.
    i have mates with aprilia's and service etc is never an issue. if you break something you jsut order it. ex states, italy etc... a few days and your done.
    damn man... take a hold of it and get some image! my mate owns a dealership anyway, so youll be right.

    picking up ride next week.
  17. I can second the report of 12 shipping containers just in full of trumpets.

    It looks like my Street has arrived ahead of time - now I'm scrambling to get all the shit I need together to secure finance, so I can pick her up.

    Funnily enough, the reason I don't have to wait 6-9 months is that "someone" backed out of a black street a few months ago, and the guy ahead of me got that bike, and I get his.

    It was quite possibly my (original) bike: I had a refundable deposit down a while ago, but got the willies at the money and pulled out. Circumstances since changed and I've now got a (non-refundable) deposit down, and get to skip the queue like it's peak hour traffic.

    Could be pure coincidence, but I wonder how many people in Sydney have pulled out of a back Street Triple in the last few months after laying down a deposit?

    I'd *almost* spring for the R but I'm with Loz - I haven't been able to find a reliable pic of what the paint job actually looks like, and I think after riding for 6-12 months I'll have my own idea of what mods I want for the bike.

    Presumably the Daytona cams aren't a DIY job, but possibly a net negative in non-track use, and nothing else is beyond the grasp of a tinkerer with a vanilla Street.

    Besides, grey? That's only half black!
  18. Hey Jekyll,

    I can see you are 29, so your quote could be similar to mine (I'm 32). I had a quote from Western QBE for $756 and Shannon $776. I will be going with Shannons cause I heard a lot of good things about them and you can pay monthly without any extra charge. They just divide $776 by 12 and that's what you pay. As for the finance, Take a look at defcredit (Defense force credit union). I know what you thinking...I'm not in the defense force either. Its a $10 one off membership fee and $75 for the loan which they stick on the loan anyway. 9.36% if I remember right and can put it for 7 years with the choice of paying more if you want. I had been quoted up to 14% from other banks and lenders.

    I hope this helps, good luck with the research. I done mine a month ago. Send me a PM when you get your beast and we can go for a ride. By the way...I'm getting a black one too!

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  20. Thanks, but those links no worky for me (firefox-3 linux) - anyone else seeing them?

    andrask11 - I wish. My quotes come in at around $2500 - 3000. I'm trying to figure out how to reduce this ludicrous figure here:


    And when I get my bike, you'll be getting a PM. I reckon we get everyone in Sydney with a street together and go scare some people :)