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Street Triple 660 or MT07?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by wideone3, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. I've been pulling my hair out the past 1-2 months on debating on which bike to buy the mt07 or st660. I've test ridden both and although I liked he st660 more it wasn't by a large amount. I keep switching between each bike every week and am set on buying it that day until I change my mind. A bit of background. I'm 18 so red p's pretty tall 6'1 and have been riding my dads old kawi klh250 since I started so I'm not fresh outa the rta. I've had a look at insurance and the st660 is a fair bit more but I can't help but feel if I go with the mt07 whether I'll always have that doubt or the other way round. Anyone going Or been through a similar thing with these bikes or has input in things such as repair costs (guessing the triumph will be more) would be greatly appreciated. Gonna buy one of these bikes in the next month or two.

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  2. Maybe it's worth seeing if one of these rental companies hire them out? Hire each for a full nice day and ride the old road and around down putty road. Hopefully a full day test of each might help u decide.
  3. ST660. better bike, and not every learner you meet will have one.
    I reckon they will hold their value more too.

    I don't mean to flame any one who has an MT-07, there's a reason it's the best selling new bike on the market! that's cause it's awesome!

    I rode both when i was looking and went for the Ducati 659! lol! But i'm biased coz i'm Italian!!
    The 660 was the best, but i just could not get a bike with eye's like a bug!
  4. Yeah that's one thing that's nice. Not gonna see many 18 year old bikers. Well lams riders in general on st660's. Yeah I also took a look at the Ducati but although I don't mind it's looks. The insurance cost was like 1.5x the st660 and being 18 it could potentially be worse. Also the repair costs, I'm not too keen on. But yeah I thought that about the look at the start then the bug eyes kinda grew on me and now with the flyscreen I really like the look of it. To me it looks more like a full sized bike than the mt07. I guess cause it's based on the st675 or str
    Cheers for that
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  5. Yeah I've tried doing this and yet again being red p's even the test ride is supervised so I'm extremely doubtful they would let me take it out solo and for the whole day. Guess I'll have to buy and try
  6. Wow, you do pay a premium of a grand or 2 for the triumph. I've only just got my MT, love it and after looking at the 660 am just as happy. But that's just my opinion. If you can't quite make your mind up, compare the costs. Or if you're infatuated with the Triumph, well what the heck. I'd say you'll be spoiled either way. Enjoy choosing!
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  7. Consider the 2nd-hand market for both and save yourself some dosh, the newness wears off and then you sit with the resale exposure vs outstanding debt, so even if you wanted to change you're stuck with a couple grand pay-in. At least this way its easier to switch down the road.
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  8. exactly, it rides and looks like a full size bike because it is. It's also the only lams bike that comes standard with things like Pirelli rosso II's etc. Triumph did not cut corners on this bike just because it's a Lams.
    It sounds awesome and power delivery is great! Revs up nicely.
    It looks far better with the flyscreen.

    I'd say that the Ducati has the slightly sharper handling though, but it's comparing bee's dciks, not much in it!

    Seriously a ripper bike the trumpy!
  9. If your young and worried about cash its much better to get something cheap secondhand and learn how to look after it.
    6"1 is a shame because most of the bikes I would recommend your a bit too tall for.
    By the sounds of it your looking for something fast for lams that's not gonna kill your back. Maybe fz6r might be a good choice, Ninja 300 is also probably a good choice for you.

  10. Yep, i brought a 2013 Monster six months ago with 2000kms on it. was still under warranty, looked like new and had the exhaust tail tidy, etc etc already done. I saved myself around 3 grand when compared with buying new, not inc. the exhaust!
    plus insurance was cheaper.
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  11. If you're looking to save money, MT07. Otherwise if you don't care, the ST660.

    Putting my opinion aside, it's just best to test both out & go with whichever one you liked better & was more comfortable.
  12. Both bikes look fantastic I agree. I have a friend that rides a street tripple 660 and he really boogies on it in the twisties. With a arrow or akra can it sounds really good too.
  13. Sounds like a tough one. Don't sweat it too much, either way you'll have a ball with your riding over the next couple of years and like many others, it's a fair chance that you'll upgrade as soon as your LAMS period expires. Personally I love triumphs, even if my lights are kind of ugly. I went for the bike that felt the best rather than the one that looked the coolest. Each to their own though. In your shoes I'd probably try to save as much cash as possible, check the second hand market to see if there is anything I'd be happy with like others have suggested. The saved cash could start working towards the future steel horse. Enjoy the shopping!
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  14. My mate got an MT-07 during his lams period... He's lost his license hmm 3 times. Not wise to get something that will tempt you :]
  15. image.
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  16. Wow so many replies you guys are all awesome. well lets just say when it comes down to research I've done around 1-2 months worth. Search anything under 'Mt07, St660, Ducati 659' and I've read every review, watched almost every test ride and the thing is. Before i was looking at the two bikes i was also changing my mind with my original idea being a cbr500r or ninja 650 which i test rode both and although i liked them, I felt like in order for the payoff of a upright seating position i wanted something that will provide me with thrills for the full 2.5years left. So I've gone through a load of different bike reviews only to end up at the most expensive. anyway money isn't too much of a problem, i work part time while still at Uni and have more than enough to cover everything plus insurance for my bike and car every month among other things (rent etc). Ive had a good look around the second hand market and there was a fully kitted out st660 a month ago which i would have bought if i had the cash at that point. But unfortunately now at least in NSW there arnt a whole bunch of second hand Street triples. Mt07's are most in demand but this then leads me to believe that although they won't depreciate a whole lot they probably will faster than the triumph due to pure numbers and the competitiveness when people sell. Yeah I'm going to try to stay as away from the cops as i can but I'm no hooligan, well at least not yet we all know what bikes do to us. Well I'm heading to england in a week so ill have 2 solid weeks to decide before i come back and head to bikebiz the second i land. Any other comments are welcome and i think you've all helped me decide. Will definitely post pictures when i get the new bike which ever it may be.
    Cheers everyone
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  17. This thread has made me really want to get the triple for my first bike. ABS is must for me and the mt-07 only has it on new bikes. So the cost of a 2nd hand 660 is the same as a new mt-07. Decisions!
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  18. Anddd... I just bought one.
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  19. Sweet! Pics or it didn't happen!
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