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Street Trackers - Getting Inspired

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rashpocket, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Hello there, I don't post very often on this site - but thought I might add something that some users wouldn't have much exposure to.

    After losing my license for 3 months (Don't ask :-({|:] I have looked for inspiration to do something to keep me sane.
    Firstly I tried to buy a early 90's model 125 2T Mx'er to have some fun on - but it seems everyone wants $1.5k+ for 15 year old machines :(

    Finally I come across Scramblers and Trackers.
    Very similar to the cafe-racer style culture of heavy modifying, cutting corners in terms of legality and it boasts a wide range of foundation bikes to choose from.

    I always knew about cafe's and trackers but never did I read into the history or the tradition until recently (I was always too busy do wheelies outside the cop shop on my Drz Motard ](*,))

    I thought this thread / topic would provide some relief for this board, whenever I come on here there is always 2-3 threads on Nodding/Servo Etiquette/Hand Signals/Some SMIDSY thing(What is this new term?) which must be very annoying for regular visitors.

    Here are some links - I know at least one member here frequents over there.(Not sure if I am allowed to do this - Please Pm me if not and I will edit it out)
    Australian DTT : http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?board=40.0
    Some Inspirational Tracker Threads : http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?board=47.0

    So I have started my search for a donor bike and hopefully I will be able to do something with the time I have left with no license.

    Finally I will include a photo for those that need that extra kick in the butt to check this out.
  2. Sorry to hear about your license.

    Nice pics. Here's some more pics for you:



  3. Thanks MV, I have plenty of pics of these bikes.

    Just wondering what the reaction from NR would be on these types of bikes.
  4. i like them, planning to build one on my 3 months of no riding (thanks to the police).

    gonna base it off an xr600 i reckon.
  5. These bikes are very cool. You need to check out sideburn magazine. They're all about trackers.
  6. I love trackers. I'm thinking of doing one with a DT175..... :)
  7. Looks like me and you are in the same basket there :(

    I'd be so interested to see what your ideas are for the xr600

    I toyed with the idea of using my drz400 as a donor but a little unwilling to commit unless a few pictures could turn me ;)

    I love what they did the sr500 'Dirt Rod' (First Pic in my Post)
    And that Nx650 looks sexy as all hell too.

    I might go check out that magazine Sideburn for some ideas, and trawl the web for some Drz Trackers to convince me to open my wallet :p
  8. [​IMG]

    I am trying to work out how to get my wife to approve one more bike in the garage......
  9. All very nice pics. Keep us informed of your progress.