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Street racing mum caught with kids

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/news/natio...aught-with-kids/2008/01/02/1198949862050.html

    Well it appears that gender here is not an issue. I wonder what happened to the rider?

  2. He buggered off. Hid out for 20 minutes. Rode home another way, and swapped back to his real number plate.

    Gawd blessim.
  3. :shock: Wassit you!?!? :LOL:
  4. No way!

    Part of my safe-riding strategy is to stay as far away as possible from people like that driving cars like that :)
  5. crazy people!
  6. someone calling out for a crazy person?
  7. bad mom
  8. I can't believe there are riders around who feel the need to prove themselves to a cager in a comode door :? :oops: :roll:

    Unless I'm next to a ferrari/porsche/lamborgini, the thought doesn't even enter my mind. Anyway, why not just blow them off at the launch, slow down, and then make laughing gestures as they catch up. :LOL: Way more satisfying.
  9. The need for speed takes over.

    It's not you and the commodore anymore, it's you and the bike...
  10. Nah sorry, I have better self control than that.
  11. What my Mum gets up to, is no business of this forum. Leave her alone to hoon in peace.