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Street parking and insurance

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by snuff3r, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. I'm working on my upgrade bike within the next 4 months and am thinking about a Triumph Daytona. Problem is that every time i try to organise a quote for insurance I get knocked back because I have to street park it.

    Anyone know of any other options? I've tried IMR, QBE and AAMI.

    I'm going to be annoyed if insurance is what stops me from getting a new bike =/
  2. NRMA or Allianz perhaps?

    Also mention it will have an alarm, and see if that makes a difference?

    Are you sure they're knocking back ONLY due to street parking?
  3. This might sound stupid but do you not have a walkway or anywhere you can park the bike off the street. I have a driveway, no garage, and a small walkway to the front door that I park the bike the in. Seems to be enough to dramatically reduce my premiuim.

    If not is moving an option in the next 4 months, I wouldn't leave her on the street with no insurance

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  4. Given how high the rate of theft for motorcycles is right now, why risk it?

    Seriously, bikes are being knocked off like mad. They've been all over the coast, from Canberra (robbing farms mainly), up to the south coast, heathcote, and thefts have been reported in North Sydney too.

    It's not the usual rate of theft - it's become a real problem since the RTA began it's scare campaign that the availability of repair parts will cease with the end to repairable motorcycles being re-registered.
  5. I thik you'll find that it is parking it on the street that stops you from getting the new bike, not the insurance.

    IMR does do On Street however for a $15k (I'm assuming you ar elooking at a new Daytona) bike, putting it on the street is a high risk thing to do, hence it being knocked back.
  6. I get all the way through, then get "ohhh, we can't insure a bike of that value if you street park it". I have a 20 yr clean driving record.

    Why risk getting a new bike? I'm not going to avoid something on the off chance it gets nicked, so long as it's insured...

    It's an inner city terrace house which has a roofed alleyway connecting us to next door's house, which I currently park up when i can be bothered.

    I should be able to do this again with the Daytona, it's a smaller bike, but the problem i have is that the alleyway doesn't have a driveway so because of cars parking over the entrance i can only get the bike into the alley about four days in every week.

    So, technically, i do have access to undercover/locked parking (once i get the gate back on the entrance to the alley) but it's part time access. My main fear is what happens if one night i can't get the bike up it because a car is blocking it off and i have to street park it? Does that mean that I'm not covered whilst it's on the road overnight?
  7. There is absolutely no doubt that it will get stolen or damaged if you street park it outside an inner Sydney terrace house. Therefore, it is not worth the risk for the insurers. They have the statistics to show that your bike would be stolen, or knocked over, or vandalised in the street.

    Your solution is to fix the access problem to the alleyway, and to get the gate back onto it, with a good lock. At least then it is out of sight.

    You will need to check the insurers PDS to know if you will be covered if you park overnight on the street occassionally. I suspect that if you haven't told them you would do that sometimes, and you have told them it will be parked in a locked, under cover area, then you will not be covered, or will not be covered for the full amount. Check the Duty of Disclosure terms very carefully.
  8. Yeah, i'm getting paranoid now... i'll look into it. I prefer to park it in the alley but i want to ensure i'm covered on the odd occasion i can't get it up there.

    I considered contacting the council to see if i could get a driveway marking installed but i need to put a DA in ](*,)

    I just spent my lunch calling around, my results are:

    IMR: Will insure street parking but only for cheaper, not-new bikes.
    QBE: Won't insure ANY street parked bikes.
    AAMI: Don't care where you park it, will insure it either way.
    NRMA: Don't care where you park it, will insure it either way.

    My car's currently with AAMI, so i guess they're the winnars.
  9. I thought AAMI was pretty expensive for bikes. Maybe not for all people, or all bikes.
  10. Swann are underwritten by QBE, yeah? I didn't bother with them...

    I just rang QBE and they confirmed that for any single day that a bike is parked in the street it's not insured. So i cancelled my current bike policy and switched to NRMA. $50/yr more but i'd rather pay $50 more than not be insured at all...
  11. Not sure where abouts in the inner city you are but, I hired a garage albeit for storage in Bourke st Surry Hills for a very reasonable price. Also my wife until June this year was renting a garage (again below a block of units) in Ultimo for $45/week, its not cheap when you add up the cost per year but really should cut down on the cost of insurance as well as protecting you somewhat from the risk of losing a no claim bonus and/or having to pay any excess.

    Given you don't need a whole parking space and most of the other garages that I saw in bourke st were filled with old shit rather than cars you might actually be able to get a bit of deal because they could still store their stuff and leave you plenty of space for your bike - post an add on gumtree I'm sure you'll get a good number of replies.
  12. Can you build a small ramp and then wheel it inside your front door?
  13. Swann aren't underwritten by QBE. What the customer service officer told you about the bike being parked in the street is incorrect.
  14. Fixed :cool:
  15. ...fixed. ;)
  16. I left my 2003 sv1000s on the street in Kings Cross for a year. It didnt go anywhere.

    Insured with NRMA incase.
  17. That's actually a pretty good idea. I'll def look into that one... thanks for the suggestion!

    Two seperate people at QBE told me the info. I can only assume that if they're telling me i'm not insured, i'm not insured. I know that when i claimed my only incident, some idiot reversing into my bike, they grilled me about it being on the street at the time. It worried me a bit at the time..


    Dunno if the wife would appreciate skid marks down the hallway...
  18. Why not? She puts up with them on your jocks.
  19. Snap!