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Street Hawk???? (Poll)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gabak, Jun 26, 2006.

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  2. No

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  1. I was speaking to a couple of ridding buddies of mine and i cant belive they have never seen or heard of Street Hawk.

    There has got to be people here that have watched it or know of it.

    For all who don't know check it out.
  2. I have. I remember it was out at the same time as Knight Rider and Automan (I think). I remembered it got up to stupid speeds (sound barrier stuff) without ever tankslapping and cornered really well at those speeds. It also had wee rockets, and was able to do jumps at will, or am I getting that confused with knight rider. :?:
  3. thats the one but if you can watch knightrider and belive the car can talk why can't street hawk go 300mph in hyperthrust.

    ahh those days when tv was good none of this reality shyte like Big Brothel
  4. YEAH !

    I used to love Street Hawk,

    When he goes real fast and its like they just put the footage on fast forward.

    And did they ever do a Street Hawk Vs Nightrider or was that just in my dreams ? :LOL:
  5. Re: YEAH !

    keep your fingers crossed maybe after they do freddy vs jason 2
  6. Come on! The most common was Airwolf vs. Blue Thunder. Airwolf would have kicked Blue Thunder's arse!
  7. How about A-Team Van vs. General Lee ???

    . . . . or am I just being silly ! :LOL:

    Nah, I reckon Blue Thunder would win !
    It has a multi-directional 20mm minigun on the nose ! . . it can shoot in many directions.
    Airwolf has fixed gun pods !! :LOL:
  8. I remember street hawk well.
    Talked to a few guys about it and the thought I was nuts....they said ├┐ou mean Automan" NO I DONT I MEAN THE DUDE ON THE BIKE.

    Love it, I got the theme tune at home done by Tangerine Dream. Nice electronic power tune.
  9. can some one fill me in
    who is this street hawk you speak of
  10. I remember seeing the pilot.
    never saw an episode...
    Probably greatfull for that.

  11. I just bought every episode made on a collectors 2 disc set on amazon last week should have it soon. Then i can humm the tune under my helmet while ridding. :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Street Hawk was essentially Knight Rider on 2 wheels, except the bike didn't talk or drive itself. It had lots of other super bike abilities. For some reason, you never saw Street Hawk being dropped at a red light. Was Street Hawk the bike, or the main character, or the main character on the bike?
  13. Street Hawk was the bike and in some of the episodes he does drop the bike but not at redlights
  14. I used to watch it when I was a kid - I though it was the coolest motorbike in the world! My brother and I were so stoked because it was a show with a Motorbike in it!

    I saw the bike recently and it wasn't quite as cool as I remembered (just like the silver dream racer!) - it was a Honda XL500 (and others) with a custom bodykit. These can be still purchased on the web someplace for those people who want to make a 80's XL look like a real 80's bike!

    Looking at Streethawk again I have realised that it was possibly one of the first road going supermotards!


    http://www.streethawkonline.com - Fan site
    http://probertdesigns.com/Folder_DESIGN/S_HAWK_Designs.html - site of the designer, some really nice sketches perhaps a nod to Target design and the katana in the styling?
  15. Supa4, long time no hear! Welcome.

    Edit: No, I've never heard of super hawk, I thought this thread was going to be about the US version of the vtr1000.
  16. never even heard of it - after my time perhaps :? but i might have the theme among my tangerine dream collection without realising it!
  17. @Cammo - Good to see you have still got your NC30. Last I heard you were selling it for a racebike - Or is it an NC30 racebike? NC30 trackday at broady someday?
  18. Supa, NC30 sold today! On the lookout for a racebike, there's a couple I'm interested in ATM, prerequisites are lots spent on the suspension already, and at least a half system.

    Broady, winton, you name it, I'll be there soon! Will be in touch.