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strawberry flavoured fish sausages????

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by roundabout, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. I just can't see this taking off


    Strawberry milk sausage sales set to sizzle

    Nissui's "Strawberry Milk" sausages will go on sale in September.In a bid to boost declining sales of fish-meat sausages, Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. (Nissui) has come up with a new flavor designed specifically to attract children -- strawberry milk.

    The company will begin selling the sausages on Sept. 1, and is expecting them to be a hit, aiming for sales of 200 million yen in the first year.

    Sausage sales in Japan have leveled off in recent years, totaling 46.5 billion yen in fiscal 2004. In 2005, the figure is expected to rise only slightly, to 47 billion yen.

    When Nissui conducted a survey as part of a project to create sausages that children would like, it found that strawberries were children's favorite fruit.

    The firm decided to use the flavor in its products and seasoned the sausages by adding strawberry juice and milk to them, creating a product that had a strawberry flavor.

    The texture and flavor of the sausages are reportedly close to those of regular fish-meat sausages, with the exception that the aftertaste of strawberries remains.

    "It's an unexpected combination, but a taste that children will like," a Nissui official said. "Strawberries go well with minced fish."

    Customers will be able to buy the strawberry milk sausages in packs of five, and they will go for a retail price of 148 yen, about the same as regular fish-meat sausages. (Mainichi)
  2. :-& :-& :-& :-& :-&
  3. :-& :-& :-& :facepalm: :shock: :shock:
  4. Hang on...does it taste like strawberries or like strawberries AND FISH!?!

    If the latter....EWW!
  5. i think the latter:

    "The texture and flavor of the sausages are reportedly close to those of regular fish-meat sausages, with the exception that the aftertaste of strawberries remains"
  6. "i wanna fish milk-shake, a fish milk-shake"
    But then again, this in a country that prizes raw fish! (and whale)

  7. :shock: :shock: bugger , i'll try again .. :-& :-& :-& :-&
  8. Seems the sick emotion doesn't work .
  9. So when do the chocolate and iced-coffee flavours come out? :LOL:
  10. WTF ????

    Man, is this a new diet or something...
  11. :-&

    errch. next you'll have tuna falvoured milk!!
  12. "if you knew sushi, like I knew sushi.."
  13. sushi...hmmm yum...that is ok.... strawberry fish snags though......?????
  14. Just thinking, though, it could have its merits, in covering up the flavour of whatever it is that people use to make sausages! My dad used to call them "Mystery Bags!"
  15. I always thought the original fish milk-shake was a Woollongong invention anyway :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  16. Their whole market research dept should be beaten and fired, preferably out of a cannon. That's just gross.
  17. Yes indeed, sold every second Tuesday evening at the kiosk at the Dapto Dogs (as made famous by Norman Gunston)
    but seriously .... strawberry milk sausages, ye gods!?
  18. I think you mean beaten and fried - it would have to be an improvement on the sausages... :LOL: :LOL:
  19. To all those who's said it's eewww and gross etc. Have you actually tried it? Or are you judging it already??
  20. Hey, we're just exercising the default Netrider setting of condemning everything and knocking anything, based on our pre-conceived prejudices, not hard facts or information. Jeez, if we didn't do that, there'd be no posts!